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Matthew Davis

Engineer | Developer | Tinkerer

A collection of projects, stories and thoughts about technology and politics

People signing contract

Do you need a blockchain?

An interactive flowchart to help cut through the hype

Poster on pole proclaiming 'big data is watching you'

Web analytics are leaking into meatspace

A Stallman-esque short story about the future of offline tracking and the right to buy

A Lime e-bike

Why you should think twice before riding a Lime e-bike

You really should read those terms and conditions

Turnbull Government Ministers

Achievements of the Coalition Government

A comprehensive list of (almost) everything the current Australian government has done

Animated Unicycle

Machine Learning Unicycling

Teaching a computer to ride a simulated unicycle

Arduino with circuitboard shield

Arduino Monitor Rotator

Build an Automatic Computer Display Rotator With an Arduino

Python Code

Python Reddit Bot

How I wrote a Reddit bot in python to reply to long posts

Graph of hyperbolic cosine

4D graphs

How to visualize complex-to-complex functions

The emoji menu on a phone keyboard

How Flag Emojis Get Decided

Why adding an Indigenous flag is technologically non-trivial

Graph of power and frequency over time

Inverter Inertia Emulation

My bachelor's thesis about emulating inertia with battery inverters