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Matthew Davis

Engineer | Developer | Tinkerer

A collection of projects, stories and thoughts about technology and politics

People signing contract

Do you need a blockchain?

An interactive flowchart to help cut through the hype

Poster on pole proclaiming 'big data is watching you'

Web analytics are leaking into meatspace

A Stallman-esque short story about the future of offline tracking and the right to buy

A Lime e-bike

Why you should think twice before riding a Lime e-bike

You really should read those terms and conditions

Turnbull Government Ministers

Achievements of the Coalition Government

A comprehensive list of (almost) everything the current Australian government has done

Ballot paper inserted into ballot box

Why Paper Voting Is Still Superior

How digital security is good enough for banking but not for elections

Animated Unicycle

Machine Learning Unicycling

Teaching a computer to ride a simulated unicycle

Arduino with circuitboard shield

Arduino Monitor Rotator

Build an Automatic Computer Display Rotator With an Arduino

Python Code

Python Reddit Bot

How I wrote a Reddit bot in python to reply to long posts

Graph of hyperbolic cosine

4D graphs

How to visualize complex-to-complex functions

The emoji menu on a phone keyboard

How Flag Emojis Get Decided

Why adding an Indigenous flag is technologically non-trivial

Graph of power and frequency over time

Inverter Inertia Emulation

My bachelor's thesis about emulating inertia with battery inverters