Achievements of the Coalition Government

A comprehensive list of (almost) everything the current Australian government has done

Turnbull Government Ministers


The Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison government has been in power for over 5 years. This page contains a list of most of what they have done so far.

Group By Policy Area

  1. Increased administrative payments to job finding agencies, totalling $300 million during the pandemic. source
  2. Abandoned the prominent goal of a government surplus after repeatedly failing to deliver one 6 years in a row, eventually printing several hundred billion dollars during the pandemic (through bond sales), converting to policy that aligns more with Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). source source source
  3. Tried to spend $3.3 million on a feasibility study for subsidising a new coal generator. Previous feasibility studies have shown that the project is too risky and unprofitable for the private sector. It's also not eligible for the government's own Underwriting New Generation Investment program, which is specifically designed to deliver new generators with business cases that don't add up, by pushing the risk onto taxpayers whilst keeping the profit privatised. The government claimed this new generator will reduce power prices for regional Queenslanders, but there is only one wholesale electricity price for all of Queensland, and it's already 50% cheaper than the cost of new coal generation. The company who will build it have no relevant experience. The grant criteria was written after the government decided that they would give the money to this company. source source
  4. Introduced a mandatory code of conduct to force companies like Google to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to news companies who are struggling due to an inability to adapt to the changing classified ads market. Google currently drives over 3 billion clicks per year to Australian news companies, thereby increasing news company revenue, and in return Google earns only $10 million in advertising revenue. This is akin to a local plumber demanding that the Yellow Pages pay the plumber for the act of connecting plumber-seeking customers to them. This new code also forces Google to give special insider knowledge of proprietary search algorithm changes to large news companies, which gives them an unfair advantage over small, independent journalists. It includes ambiguously written clauses about giving news companies access to Google users' private data. It is written based on incorrect assumptions, such as assuming news makes up 10% of searches when it's only 1%. source source
  5. Introduced a bill to allow the government to cancel any international agreements between universities, councils, sports institutions and other countries. source source
  6. Wound back consumer protections and responsible lending obligations for mortgage brokers which were introduced in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. source source
  7. Cut $2 billion in funding for university research, including funding for medical research during the pandemic. source
  8. Prevented Australian universities from receiving JobKeeper payments, whilst paying JobSeeker money to a foreign university. (University education is Australia's third largest export.) source source
  9. Loosened corporate financial disclosure rules during the pandemic, preventing investors from lodging class actions against companies who mislead the market through omission of important information. source
  10. Committed a crime by ignoring a ruling of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. source source
  11. Paid 10 times higher than market rate to buy some land new the new Western Sydney Airport several decades earlier than necessary, after getting a valuation done only by a valuer suggested by the seller. source
  12. Introduced protections for company executives who trade while insolvent during the pandemic. This is only for cases where the debts are incurred "the ordinary course of business". Those who try to adapt to the challenging circumstances will not be exempt. In this way the government is incentivising executives to not adapt to the unique circumstances. source
  13. Defined the eligibility criteria for the JobKeeper scheme so loosely that millions of dollars from the government which were supposed to subsidise employees' jobs were funneled straight out as dividends and bonuses to company shareholders and executives. source
  14. Loosened political donation laws. source
  15. Chose to ignore and not fix a security vulnerability in myGovID, which arose because the chosen authentication protocol is bespoke and does not match standard practice. source
  16. Refused to release the minutes from an important meeting of the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee giving COVID advice to the Prime Minister. source source
  17. Tried to use money allocated for renewable power on new fossil fuel generators. source
  18. Tried to redefine what "investment" means in legislation, to allow the government to hand cash to fossil fuel companies, even when they are unprofitable and uneconomic, which demonstrates a strong ideological bias towards certain fuel types, with reckless disregard for economics. source
  19. Created red tape which will make it harder for individuals to take class actions against companies which have broken the law. This goes directly against the Coalition's stated values, which include slashing red tape, and relying on free market solutions (such as class actions) to minimise bad corporate behavior (as opposed to direct legislation). source
  20. Spent $2 million on legal fees trying to prosecute a whistleblower who leaked truthful information about serious corruption and crime, which was clearly in the public's interest. source
  21. Voted against a binding code of conduct to ensure politicians act with integrity. source
  22. Blocked a research-backed design change to increase the effectiveness of beverage warnings about drinking during pregnancy, recommended by an independent body, after meeting with lobbyists from alcohol companies who have donated over $300,000 to the Coalition. source
  23. Proposed cutting HECS support for TAFE and university students who fail too many courses, which will give institutions a strong financial incentive to pass students who don't deserve their qualification, whilst also disproportionately disincentivising disadvantaged students from enrolling, such as students from families with no history of tertiary qualifications. source source
  24. Opposed a United Nations inquiry into racism and police brutality in the USA. This is in the aftermath of George Floyd's death, when American law enforcement officials wearing no insignia were kidnapping random protestors from the street without due process, and American cops were assaulting journalists, and breaking into multiple innocent people's homes to shoot them in their sleep. The Coalition government doesn't want the United Nations to make a big deal out of these systemic incidents. source source source source
  25. More than doubled the cost of some university degrees, decreasing the government's contribution to exactly $0. source source
  26. Wasted $10 million on developing a new "made in Australia" logo to replace the well-known kangaroo in a green triangle, only to discard the new, generic looking logo because it looks like the COVID-19 virus. source
  27. Created the ABCC ostensibly for reducing corruption, but the ABCC boss himself violated rules and endangered people by ignoring COVID flight restrictions, travelling across the country to interview workers about a rally that happened 8 months prior. source
  28. Prevented parliament from debating whether to set up a National Integrity Commission. source
  29. Prevented the Senate from discussing whether to implement the remaining recommendations from the 1991 Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. source
  30. Failed to stop the only boat that has posed a real and substantial risk to Australia's national security. The government chose to grant an exemption to the Ruby Princess cruise ship, resulting in a hundreds of new COVID cases around the country. source
  31. Hurt barley farmers by antagonising the Chinese government, who retaliated by slapping an 80% tariff on barley exports. source
  32. Suspended requirements that commercial television stations produce at least some content in Australia to create Australian jobs. source
  33. Announced $50 million in funding to help the Australian film industry cope during the pandemic, but failed to publish any instructions on how eligible, impacted workers or companies can access these funds. source
  34. Increased military spending by $270 billion over 10 years, when the economy and our society were struggling to cope with the pandemic and the worst recession since The Great Depression. source
  35. Wasted $20.8 billion by investing $29.5 billion in the NBN so poorly that the end result is valued by the Parliamentary Budget Office at only $8.7 billion. source source
  36. Drafted the Religious Discrimination Bill which would allow employers and vendors to make statements of belief, such as a baker telling a same sex couple requesting a wedding cake that they believe the couple will burn in hell, or telling a job interviewee that their religious belief is like a mental disorder. source source source
  37. Introduced a new online service for helping allocated assets during a divorce, which uses a proprietary, immature, inscrutable black-box technology just because it's a popular buzz word these days. source source
  38. Set up the COVID-19 National Co-ordination Committee with no terms of reference, no register of conflicts of interest, and then stacked it with gas company executives who unsurprisingly ended up recommending irrationally pro-gas policies. 690 documents about potential conflicts of interests were deliberately kept hidden. source source source
  39. Blocked parliament from debating significant environmental protection repeals, rushing through the legislation without allowing anyone to discuss it first. source
  40. Broke an election promise about providing a trading system to help dairy farmers be more fairly compensated for milk production. source
  41. Falsely attributed COVID infection rate success to the buggy, insecure, privacy-invading COVIDSafe app, even though the only cases detected by the app had already been detected by more traditional contact tracing methods, which are faster and more effective. source source
  42. Took 21 days to fix a known security vulnerability in the COVIDSafe app. source
  43. Reduced the competitiveness of Australia's technology industry by passing laws which allow the government to force back doors into Australian software products, which makes foreign customers less likely to buy them. The same drop in sales that decimated Huawei is now hurting Australian companies. source
  44. Released the COVIDSafe app with a known bug that makes it useless on iPhones when the phone is locked. source source source
  45. Ignored security best practices when deploying the COVIDSafe app, choosing not to run a bug bounty, and choosing not to publish the source code promptly, despite promises to do so, which lead to multiple vulnerabilities being discovered by researchers far later than they should have been. source source source
  46. Refused to release a multilateral trade agreement with China, which involves spending government money on infrastructure in other countries. The lack of transparency exacerbates existing concerns about burdening these other developing nations with unsustainable debt. source source
  47. Lied when claiming that the USA government cannot view sensitive COVIDSafe data, even though the American encryption back-door laws that allow the US government to force Amazon to hand over the data are the exact same laws which were inspiration for Australia's recent encryption back-door legislation. source
  48. Cancelled The Rule of Law by preventing journalists from reporting on a case against a whistleblower who leaked truthful information in the public interest about senior politicians and law enforcement officials who flagrantly violated serious international laws. The court case is held in secret. The whistleblower's name is illegal to publish. The witness and lawyers' residences were raided, and the evidence against the government was confiscated. source source
  49. Wasted $96 million on administration costs for a single tender, to decide who to sell our own immigration visa system to, only to cancel the plan because privatising an essential service which can only ever be a monopoly is obviously a bad idea. source
  50. Introduced a new tax, to incentivise non-NBN users to migrate to the expensive NBN. source
  51. Deleted records of a $165,000 political donation from a political consultancy with stakeholders who stand to benefit from the government's $1 billion visa privatization plan, and refused requests for further explanation. source
  52. Proposed issuing fines of up to $50,000 to innocent people not suspected of a crime if they don't hand over passwords for their personal devices to law enforcement. When law enforcement unlock a device after demanding a password, they typically don't let the user see what was done, don't tell them what was done, and don't allow them to call a lawyer to find out their rights. In one case a Border Force officer looked through a series of nude photographs of someone's partner, without the consent of the user or person in the photo, made inappropriate comments, and possibly made nonconsentual copies of the photos. If a citizen not suspected of a crime withholds a password to prevent this, they'll be fined. source source
  53. Introduced new laws which allow ASIO officers to spy on Australian citizens without getting approval from a judge or anyway independent, and without filing paperwork anywhere. source
  54. Introduced new laws which prevent someone suspected of a crime from choosing their own lawyer. source
  55. Lied by claiming that only a small range of law enforcement agencies will be able to access data under the metadata retention laws, but actually allowed Centrelink, local councils, education councils and the RSPCA to access it. source
  56. Repeatedly approved requests by BHP to increase their greenhouse emissions limits. source
  57. Kept secret a government-funded report that showed less than 1 in 3 Australians trust our public service sector. The justification was that the government believed that the report which they wrote would mislead and confuse people. source
  58. Gave $345,000 to News Corp to build a spelling bee website, discarding any pretense of propriety or fairness by skipping the usual parliamentary checks and tender process, instead just choosing to hand the excessive amount of cash to a company whose primary industry is neither website building nor education. source
  59. Ceased payments to the United Nations climate change fund. source
  60. Rejected a request for increasing aerial firefighting funding in the months prior to one of the most lethal bushfire seasons in history. The government claimed "other priorities" in the Department of Home Affairs were more important. The department's other expenditure includes paying people to snoop through nudes in the phones of Australians not suspected of a crime, and spending $30 million to house one family for a few months. The fires killed 34 people and destroyed almost 10,000 homes. source source source
  61. Blamed an unusually bad bushfire season on unprecedented arson, when the evidence suggests most fires were started by lightening. source source
  62. Lied by claiming that all grants issued under the controversial $100M sports grant program were eligible for funding, when only 57% were. source
  63. Committed crimes against humanity according to the International Criminal Court at the Hague. source
  64. Failed to declare a property worth $1M in a minister's declaration of interests. source
  65. Failed to declare 2 properties worth more than $1M in another minister's declaration of interests. source
  66. Lied about data retention laws, claiming only metadata would be captured (e.g. domain name), when actually full URLs are captured, which includes detail such as the specified queries you give to Google, and specific videos you watch on PornHub. source
  67. Lied during an election ad, claiming 6 councils would be eligible for $1M drought relief grants, when they weren't. source
  68. Asked gay asylum seekers whether they could simply stay in the closet in their home country to avoid persecution, in a legally unsound attempt to find grounds for asylum rejection. source
  69. Approved a $36,000 grant to a shooting club without declaring that the approving minister was a member of that club. source
  70. Lied by claiming that cops who abuse data retention powers will be punished, when hundreds of instances of abuse have gone unpunished. source
  71. Claimed that their data retention laws would be used mostly for terrorism and child abuse cases, when it actually is used mostly for drug offenses. source
  72. Proposed expanding the scope of data retention laws to include MAC addresses. Since MAC addresses are hard coded into each devices' hardware, this would enable continuous, approximate location tracking of everyone's mobile phone. source
  73. Lied about tax cuts being paid sooner than possible, and sooner than the passing of the relevant legislation. source
  74. Ceased assessing and listing key threats to native species. source
  75. Closed down a bushfire research centre, weeks after Australia's worst ever bushfire season, which killed 34 people and destroyed over 9000 homes. source
  76. Allocated sports grant funding based on which candidate projects were in marginal seats, rather than which were the most worthy. Then refused to release legal advice about whether such pork barrelling is illegal, and destroyed evidence about the funding choices. source source source source source
  77. Mislead the public by claiming they achieved a surplus, when they were referring to a prediction of a surplus in the future based on overly optimistic assumptions and ignoring reasonably predictable risks such as bushfire and drought. source
  78. Tried to count oil owned by Australia stored in the US towards the 90 day emergency stockpile we're required to hold. source
  79. Lied by claiming the MyGov website was taken down by a DDOS attack, admitting only hours later that it was due to the more obvious reason, which was a sudden and drastic increase in legitimate load. source source
  80. Lied by claiming they appointed a Liberal party staffer to a job paying half a million dollars per year through an "open merit-driven, competitive process". It was actually a limited tender not open to all, exempt from procurement rules which guarantee fairness and impartiality. source
  81. Paid a reality TV star $260k per year to be a "career ambassador". This is to promote vocational training as a career choice for young Australians, after they repeatedly cut TAFE and apprenticeship funding. source
  82. Tried to get parliament to vote on new legislation without giving copies of the bill to the people voting on it, and using unprecedented methods to prevent any politician to speak against it. source source source
  83. Removed the Department for arts, rolling those functions into the department that handles telcos and roads. source
  84. Cut all foreign aid to Pakistan, and cut aid to Nepal by 42%. source
  85. Refused to provide any information when questioned in parliament about an Australian who was secretly imprisoned in Australia, for a secret crime, after a secret trial, an even the prisoner's name is a secret. Lied by saying the prisoner consented to the secrecy. source source
  86. Voted down legislation to increase the Newstart allowance. source
  87. Introduced a limit on cash transactions of $10,000, in a move towards a cashless society, so that it then becomes possible to have negative interest rates and have consumers pay banks to store their savings. source
  88. Paid tens of thousands of dollars to a company which was known to be corrupt, through a tender that was not opened up to all competitors. source
  89. Removes all mentions of "consent" from new legislation about sharing of personal data in the public sector. source
  90. Proposed reversing the onus of proof, so that citizens may be guilty until proven innocent, for tax fraud and money laundering crimes. source
  91. Lied about their new anti-union legislation, claiming unions can't be deregistered as punishment for any single wrongdoing, when the legislation does permit that. source
  92. Illegally forged a document to publicly criticise a political opponent. source
  93. Granted ministers to power to use the military to quell domestic protests and industrial action, including shoot-to-kill powers when infrastructure is at risk (such as an environmental protest threatening a coal generator). source
  94. Unlawfully seized tax returns of citizens using the buggy 'robo-debt' program. source
  95. Spent $30 million detaining a single asylum seeker family for a few months. source
  96. Lied about the nation's oil reserve, claiming it is 90 days when it their own figures say 58 days. source
  97. Voted down a parliamentary declaration that we're facing a climate emergency. source
  98. Lied by claiming their religious discrimination bill was not intended to override state's anti-discrimination laws. The actual documents tabled in parliament explicitly says it does. source source source
  99. Appointed someone in their sixties as Minister for Youth. source source
  100. Paid $9 million for a contractor to do literally nothing, because they abruptly cancelled the contract and instead gave it to a less experienced and less qualified company. source
  101. Forecast an increase in wage growth despite simultaneously forecasting no decrease in unemployment. (So employers would pay more for no economically rational reason.) Each year they consistently forecast optimistic wage growth which consistently fails to actually happen. source
  102. Simultaneously proposed plans to support electric vehicles and ridiculed plans to support electric vehicles, within the same week. source
  103. Lied about the budget being "in the black". source
  104. Lied by claiming to have introduced and passed non-existent legislation to prevent the mass extinction of threatened species. source
  105. Approved construction of a mine even though the company said they cannot promise that they won't make the local rare species extinct, and that they cannot be bothered checking to see whether any member of those species does eventually survive the mine's operation. source
  106. Admitted their promise to spend $2B building a fast train link between Geelong and Melbourne will actually cost $4B, and they don't have the other $2B. source
  107. Introduced a law which allows the government to revoke the citizenship of whistleblowers, minor vandals and people who provide humanitarian assistance in conflict zones. source source
  108. Lied about Australia's emissions, claiming they had decreased when they had actually increased to an record high. source
  109. Promised the creation of 1.25 million jobs without doing any calculation or modelling to arrive at that number. source
  110. Blocked the construction of Australia's first offshore wind farm, which would create 12,000 jobs and meet 20% of Victoria's electricity demand. source
  111. Merged the Australian Federal Police into the Home Affairs department, allowing the minister can exert political influence on investigations. source
  112. Voted against a United Nations motion for increased sexual education about women's health, opposition to female genital mutilation, and access to safe abortion. source
  113. Cut funding for financial support for asylum seekers by $87 million. source
  114. Detained refugees close to large volumes of potentially deadly asbestos. source
  115. Spent $1 million from their Emissions Reduction Fund on a fossil fuel generator which would have been built anyway. source
  116. Spent $21.5 million over 10 months with an unsigned contract on a health contractor known to have a fatal lack of "necessary clinical skills". source
  117. Charged taxpayers $1700 for the Roads Minister and his spouse to attend a fancy dinner party for the agriculture industry. source
  118. Spent $200,000 on chartered flights for ministers to travel between parliament and their electorate. source
  119. Spent $400 million on a problem plagued automated system which recovered only $500 million of unpaid debt, through a "guilty until proven innocent" approach. source
  120. Ignored a Royal Commission report which found the government's Murray-Darling Basin Plan is illegal, whilst refusing to publish their own report which they claim provides a valid rebuttal. source
  121. Abandoned standard tender processes when awarding a $423 million contract to a company with $50k in funds, little experience, no phone number, no mail address, housed in a shack. source source
  122. Refused to publish a report used to justify a $53 million contract to outsource Centrelink call handling. source source
  123. Broke an election promise to establish a register of shell company ownership, to fight corporate tax dodging. source
  124. Shared personal information about petition signatories with a private company, without those people's consent, so that the company can send those people spam. source
  125. Prevented a vote for a royal commission into abuse in the disability sector, with a filibuster. Question time was extended to the longest session ever. source source
  126. Declared that they will violate a new law, because they don't like it. source source
  127. Gave lawyers only 36 hours to respond to a proposal for legislation for a sex offender register. We do not have a murderer or burglar register. Under existing laws, consenting 16 year-olds sending nudes to each other are technically sex offenders, who may be named and shamed on the proposed register. source
  128. Exempted the Adani coal mine from a normal water impact assessment because they believe 12.5 billion litres is not "significant", and because the water pipeline built solely to support the mining project is a non-mining project on paper. source
  129. Cut $1.2 billion from aged care, and then denied doing so. source
  130. Cut TAFE funding again, this time by $270 million. source
  131. Spent $87,000 fighting against a Freedom of Information request about back-room deals, and then lied about the cost. source
  132. Lied about the Assistance and Access bill not forcing software developers to make their code less secure. The first item in the bill's list of "acts or things" is "removing one or more forms of electronic protection". source source source
  133. Spent $37,000 for flights for one minister for one day, to attend meetings which could have probably been made via a video call. source
  134. Drastically increased the amount of government money spent without a proper tender process, up to $34 billion per month. source
  135. Handed out $17.1M to private TV stations for a grant they didn't ask for, without offering the money to the public broadcaster. source
  136. Refused a Senate Order to release details about expensive contracts for security, health and infrastructure in their detention camps in PNG. source
  137. Rejected recommendations from the Productivity Commission that the government add a "fair use" exemption to copyright law, and change the law to explicitly protect Australians who circumvent geoblocking barriers to access paid content. source
  138. Spent $400,000 to help train the Myanmar military, who are guilty of ongoing genocide against the Rohingya people. source
  139. Punished an asylum seeker for reporting sexual assault committed by a government contractor, and lied about forwarding the complaint to the police. source
  140. Spent $320,000 on legal fights denying asylum seekers urgent medical transfers to the mainland to treat life-threatening conditions. source
  141. Secretly blocked funding for $4M in humanities research projects, which were already approved by the government's research approval body (ARC). source
  142. Introduced a new reason for rejecting government funding of research proposals. Research which doesn't advance the national interest will be rejected. Historically important yet socially controversial research like evolution and the sun-centric solar system would have been rejected under this model. source
  143. Spent $16,880 on personal stationary for just one minister for one year. source
  144. Spent $20k making custom phone apps for a single senator. A website would have sufficed. source
  145. Ignored advice from 3 government bodies, choosing to instead allow a private company to build environmentally damaging infrastructure in a World Heritage Area, in violation of zoning rules. source
  146. Handcuffed an innocent child whilst preventing her from receiving urgently needed medical treatment. source
  147. Gave corporate welfare to fund coal generators, through a grant which they claim is "technology neutral", despite it specifying a narrow range of technologies. source
  148. Excused the conflict of interest arising when the head of the My Health Record (appointed by the government) privately received money for consultations about the My Health Record. source
  149. Rolled out the My Health Record to the whole country as an opt-out system, despite safety concerns about how abusive stalkers can use it, and despite the trial involving 9 security breaches. 42 more security breaches happened within weeks of the system being rolled out nationally. source source
  150. Cut funding for the Foodbank charity for a third time. This time $323,000 was cut just before Christmas. source
  151. Spent half a billion dollars on an upgrade for a war memorial. source
  152. Gave money from a fund for Indigenous advancement to a fishing corporation to help it fight Indigenous land claims. source source
  153. Spent 2 years trying to hide documents from Freedom of Information requests, about a serious breach of top secret documents, and mishandling of those documents by a minister. source
  154. Cancelled the citizenship of someone who's citizenship application was approved 18 years ago, who has lived in Australia for 41 years. source
  155. Proposed the underwriting of coal power plant construction. Risks too high for the private sector will be thrust upon taxpayers, whilst the profit will remain privatised source source
  156. Doubled the amount spent on external consultants, after cutting public sector staff. source
  157. Cut one third of jobs from the Department of Environment. source
  158. Charged taxpayers for VIP plane flights to fly the Prime Minister between destinations on his "bus tour". source source
  159. Spent $9000 buying hundreds of hard copies of a book which is available online for free. source
  160. Hid a report by the Governor General showing that the government paid twice as much as necessary for new combat vehicles, because such publicity would be bad for the private manufacturer's future profitability. The company is not even Australian. source source
  161. Charged taxpayers $2000 per month for one minister's home Internet connection. source source
  162. Reduced the income threshold at which graduates start paying back HECS debt, down to $45,000. source
  163. Lied about the Immigration Minister having no personal connection to someone who benefited from the direct intervention by the Immigration Minister in a visa case. source source source
  164. Proposed plans to privatise the visa application system. Referring to this core function of a sovereign government as a "business" which should be "commercial" and "profitable". source
  165. Removed emissions reduction targets from the National Energy Guarantee. source
  166. Outsourced top-level security clearance vetting to private contractors who transport sensitive documents via private courier, occasionally to the wrong address. source
  167. Refused a visa application on character grounds for a whistleblower who disclosed war crimes. source
  168. Refused a temporary visa application for a 10 year old boy to visit his father because the boy did not have a full time job. source
  169. Drafted laws granting 'shoot to kill' powers to military soldiers during riots. source source
  170. Sent $440 million of Reef research funds to an obscure private organisation, instead of one of the many relevant public agencies, and without any application process. source source source
  171. Spent an undisclosed amount of public money on legal defence for a minister who broken the law for political gain. source
  172. Assigned $48.7 million to a Captain Cook memorial. There are already 35 Captain Cook memorials in Australia. The money was taken from the ABC budget. source source source source
  173. Cut $84 million from the ABC (again). source
  174. Exempted a facial recognition system storing data of innocent citizens from standard procurement policy disclosure rules. The excuse is a reliance on security through obscurity rather than actual security. Accuracy figures are also not published. source source source
  175. Threw $700k at blockchains. source
  176. Spent $3.6 billion to keep an old, dirty coal power station running for a few more years, when the alternative renewable generation plan would be $1.4 billion cheaper. source
  177. Increased the difficulty of the citizenship English test, so that applicants who are able to speak "basic" English will be rejected. source
  178. Deliberately destroyed water supplies at a Manus Island detention centre, to force refugees out of the camp and into unfinished alternative sites. source
  179. Chose not to take back money given to an exploitative coffee chain who violated the terms of the payment which was part of the PaTH program. source
  180. Spent $300k on 60 seconds of advertising to spruik new energy policies designed to reduce power bills. That amount of money could have been spent to pay the annual energy bills of 5000 typical houses. source
  181. Increased the jail time for journalists who report on whistleblower's truthful allegations by a factor of 10. source source
  182. Cut university funding again, this time by $2.1M. source
  183. Banned the Eureka flag and all union symbols and slogans from personal equipment on federal construction sites, no matter how small or subtle they are. source
  184. Spent $2.2 million on giant fans to protect the Great Barrier Reef from global warming. source
  185. Refused to publish the percentage of calls to the veterans' suicide help line which go unanswered, because that want negatively impact the brand of the private call centre operator. source
  186. Accidentally exposed the personal health records of millions of Australians, including whether they have had abortions or are on HIV medication. source
  187. Introduced a bill to permit businesses to discriminate based on customers' sexual activity or gender. source
  188. Proposed selling biometric data of citizens to private corporations. source
  189. Proposed a law to introduce 2 year jail sentences for anyone who uses the Australian Coat of Arms without authorisation, including satirical websites who do not intend to deceive, and including when no harm comes from the unauthorised use. source
  190. Tried to reduce the number of tertiary courses eligible for Austudy report. source
  191. Proposed a law which would further destroy citizen's right to freedom from arbitrary detention, by giving police the power to imprison people for 14 days without arrest. source
  192. Introduced a national facial recognition surveillance program, which will collate faces from CCTV cameras and other sources and share them with private companies, and claimed such a program "doesn't involve surveillance" and will increase citizen's privacy. source source
  193. Told tender applicants for a $90B ship-building project that they don't need to spend any of that construction money in Australia. source
  194. Prohibited public servants from liking social media posts critical of the government, even if anonymous. source
  195. Introduced new procurement rules which will cost telcos $184k per year in paperwork and compliance. source
  196. Failed to declare multiple $1600 Foxtel subscriptions gifted to ministers by a lobby group. source
  197. Spent $7000 in one month for wine for one minister, and fought against a Freedom of Information request into the spend. source
  198. Kicked 100 asylum seekers into the street, taking their income away with no notice, after preventing them from working. source
  199. Gave $30 million to Foxtel to boost "under represented sports", and was unable to explain why free-to-air channels didn't get the money, because the decision was made without any emails, letter, or supporting documentation. source source
  200. Kept secret government data showing higher than expected emissions increases. source
  201. Illegally detained Australian citizens on Christmas Island because they failed character test. source
  202. Cut all funding for the 40 year old Haymarket health clinic for the homeless, resulting in its closure. source
  203. Lied about when they found out about the sale of Medicare data on the black market. source
  204. Claimed to have not suffered a cybersecurity breach after the systems storing sensitive Medicare information had their security breached, and that sensitive information was put up for sale on the black market. source
  205. Added politically weighted questions about coal to the citizenship test. source
  206. Paid companies to hire young people for entry level jobs at far less than the minimum wage. There is evidence that companies replace real jobs with these underpaid ones. One such company killed a person by not avoiding obvious and easily foreseeable risks. They were fined only $70k. source source source
  207. Chose not to appoint any climate scientists to the Climate Change Authority. source
  208. Tried to allow the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to invest in coal. source source
  209. Blocked the construction of a wind farm because of the 'visual impact', even though 92% of locals wanted it. source
  210. Failed to comply with the mandatory 'Top 4' cyber security strategies, in multiple departments. source
  211. Loosened protections for indigenous land owner rights. source
  212. Paid a minister $273 per night to stay in his own home. source
  213. Lent $100M to a foreign company which does not operate in Australia, for construction of a coal mine which won't employ any Australians or contribute to the Australian economy at all. This mine so bad for the environment that if it goes ahead, the world will not stay under 2 degrees of global warming. source
  214. Spent $12M per year on flights for NBN staff. source
  215. Prevented university newspapers from attending the release of multiple annual budgets like all other newspapers. These particular budgets contained multiple changes which negatively impact university students. source source
  216. Introduced a new tax, of at least $7.10 per month per NBN fixed line user. source
  217. Cut the foreign aid budget again, this time by $300 million. source
  218. Voted against changes which would reduce the wait times for medicinal cannabis from months down to hours. It currently takes up to 19 months to get approval for 3 months worth of medication. source source
  219. Started drug testing welfare recipients without consulting legal, medical or drug experts. They simultaneously claim people will be selected randomly and also based on data driven profiling tools (i.e. not random). source source source
  220. Introduced a policy very similar to the First Home Buyer's Account policy they scrapped a few years earlier, with the main difference being that it involves using Superannuation for something other than retirement savings. source
  221. Spent around $10k per person per year for a cashless welfare card trial, for welfare payments worth $14k per person per year. Almost half of the participants claimed the trial made their lives worse. source source
  222. Broke a promise to put in safeguards to prevent their data retention scheme from being abused. (Police illegally accessed the data within 2 weeks of retention commencing.) source source
  223. Cut university funding again, this time by 2.5%. source
  224. Approved the sale of weapons to a country accused of committing war crimes and killing 10,000 innocent civilians. source source
  225. Rejected advice from a taskforce it set up, which provided recommendations to reduce foreign visa abuse, and then claimed the 457 visa is too prone to abuse. source
  226. Refused to release the results for the trial of a national health register. source
  227. Claimed many 'community leaders' support the cashless welfare card, but refused to list such supporters when asked. source
  228. Claimed that using more wind power and less coal power will increase emissions. source
  229. Prohibited the Aboriginal Legal Service from giving evidence at a legal enquiry into the loosening of racial hate-speech laws. source
  230. Re-established the construction industry watchdog, which spent $100,000 investigating two mates for having a cup of tea on site. source
  231. Spent over $3,000 to send the minister for Immigration to a monarchist fundraiser. source
  232. Forced public servants to move from Canberra to Armidale, prior to establishing new office facilities. They now do their work in the local Macca's. source
  233. Introduced NBN 'Fibre to the curb', which is almost identical to the 'Fibre to the premise' approach they criticised. source
  234. Introduced a bill which would allow the government to publicly release veteran's personal information (such as medical records) without their consent. source
  235. Refused to release a report into the death of a person on the government's Work for the Dole program. source
  236. Skipped the normal assessment process for large infrastructure projects when deciding to proceed with the WestConnex project. source
  237. Paid the first $500 million for the WestConnex project well before the funding was needed. source
  238. Voted against a motion to extend the privacy act to cover political parties. source
  239. Changed Newstart eligibility so that 22 to 24 year-olds get Youth Allowance instead, which is $90 less per fortnight. source
  240. Excluded offshore detention centres when ratifying the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture. source
  241. Appointed a mining lobbyist as the PM's climate change advisor. source
  242. Increased the number of IT contractors for the government, even though they cost $80,000 more per person per year than having actual IT staff. source
  243. Cut $180,000 from children's dental care funding, and almost $300 million for adult dental care. source
  244. Spent over $3,500 to send a minister to watch the AFL with his wife. source
  245. Spent over $2,700 on a trip to watch polo. source
  246. Fined welfare recipients for not attending 'hygiene' and tie-dying classes. source
  247. Spent $10,000 per day to send a single minister to the USA. source
  248. Changed public servant super laws to reduce the retirement payout of long-term teachers, police and nurses by tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. source
  249. Conducted an inquiry into housing affordability which gave no recommendations on how to help fix housing affordability. source
  250. Spent $26 million and laid off 93 scientists to move the location of the agricultural chemicals and veterinary medicines regulator. source
  251. Made an 'action plan' to deal with record level bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, which lacked any new actions or funding. source
  252. Broke a promise to scrap free lifetime travel for former ministers. The excuse is that the government is to busy to pass legislation through parliament, despite that being the job of the government and of parliament. source
  253. Indefinitely detained someone based on information obtained through torture. source
  254. Axed 900 jobs in the national flight control agency, despite concerns that losing so many staff will compromise safety. source
  255. Spent $83,000 on a baggage lift at The Lodge. source
  256. Flew 23 staff to the Australian embassy in Paris to discuss saving money. The government does not know how much the flights and accommodation cost. Others estimate it was $200,000. source
  257. Falsely advertised the closure of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, despite Parliament rejecting the closure attempt. source
  258. Increased the cost of a Visa for bands touring to Australia by 600%. source
  259. Gave $4 billion in tax cuts to the richest fifth of the population. source
  260. Put the 000 call service out to tender, despite their own review saying not to. source
  261. Cut $68 million from the Bureau of Statistics' funding. source
  262. Introduced a second internet filter. Internet consumers will be forced pay their telcos to block websites which foreign film companies dislike. The Liberals have accepted millions of dollars of donations from those foreign companies. source source
  263. Refused to publish the cost benefit analysis on the agriculture minister's decision to move a federal agency from Canberra to his own electorate. source
  264. Personally appointed George Brandis' son's lawyer to a $370,000 job, without making a conflict of interest declaration. source source
  265. Wasted over $98,000 by buying and then cancelling flights. source
  266. Proposed charging 9% interest on all debts owed to CenterLink. source
  267. Cut $50 million from dental healthcare funding. source
  268. Tried to privatise the database of ASIC (the corporate watchdog). Under private hands the cost journalists must pay to obtain information about potentially corrupt companies would increase. source
  269. Chose not to add HIV prevention medication PrEP to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, which would have brought down the cost of the proven medication from $1000 per month to $30 per month. source
  270. Handed out $9 million to a foreign coal mining company. source
  271. Spent over $200,000 sending Border Force staff to a luxury hotel which specialises in corporate team building through circus lessons and Segway tours. source
  272. Proposed a law which will allow Australians to be sentenced to life in prison, without being charged for a crime. source
  273. Spent over $140,000 for 5 ministers to travel to a country we have no trade or diplomatic ties with, visiting tourist sites and dining in 5 star restaurants. source
  274. Spent over $100 million per year on military operations in Afghanistan, despite the alleged budget emergency. source
  275. Removed subsidies for blood sugar test strips. Now 600,000 diabetics will be forced to pay $60 per box instead of $1.20. source
  276. Decided that foreign born, adopted Australians can no longer use their Australian birth certificate as proof of Australian citizenship. source
  277. Had UNESCO censor a report on climate change to remove all mentions of Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. Large sections of the reef have already been bleached because of climate change. source
  278. Sacked 74 scientists in Antartica. source
  279. Locked up a dying New Zealander who wants to go to New Zealand. The man has had 20 heart attacks, and is close to death. He has finished serving a jail sentence, yet remains imprisoned. source
  280. Refused to release 5 year old taxi receipts to assist in a fraud case, on the grounds that terrorists could use travel information from 5 years ago to help plan an attack against the minister in question. source
  281. Accidentally leaked the contact information of thousands of women in a confidential database. source
  282. Changed the operation of Australia's rape and domestic violence hotline so that counsellors no longer need three years of experience and a tertiary qualification in psychology or social work, and so that victims must now disclose their abuse story to twice as many people before getting help. source
  283. Cut all funding for Australia's only eating disorder helpline. source
  284. Claimed that refugees simultaneously are taking our jobs whilst also taking our welfare. source
  285. Cut $20 million from the National Library, resulting in 28 job losses and the halting of all document digitisation. source
  286. Provided no workers compensation for Australian staff injured in offshore detention centres. source
  287. Refused to publicly release a video of illegal whaling. source
  288. Claimed that Australia's largest coal mine (which will export more coal than our entire nation consumes) will not contribute to climate change. source
  289. Proposed a government funded internship scheme where companies are paid lots of money to hire short term interns for $4 per hour with no award protections. source source
  290. Gave permission to a shipping company operating only in Australian waters to sack their Australian crew and hire foreigners for $2 an hour. source
  291. Proposed blocking students from going to university if their ATAR is too low, even if the course has spare spaces and is happy with their ATAR. source
  292. Proposed forcing students to pay back HECS earlier if they have parents or a long term partner with an income over a threshold. source
  293. Waited 22 hours before air-lifting a critically ill refugee to an adequately equipped hospital. He died the next day. source
  294. Rejected an offer from New Zealand to take 150 asylum seekers who are currently being illegally held in Australian detention centres. source
  295. Spent $300,000 on a single lunch, for business mates. source
  296. Cut $650 million in bulk billing incentives for pathology. source
  297. Spent $39 billion on new submarines, despite the alleged budget emergency. source
  298. Proposed new powers for job agencies so that they can fine unemployed people, without any oversight, and with minimal avenues for recourse. source source
  299. Offered an indigenous organisation half the pay rise offered to most other public sector organisations. The pay rise is below inflation, so amounts to a pay cut. source
  300. Proposed the abolition of the independent organisation that sets the minimum wage for truck drivers. source
  301. Cut all funding to Australia's only youth-led sexual health organisation. source
  302. Ran out of money to pay Army Reserves. source
  303. Proposed using government funds allocated for climate change action to build a 1.2GW coal plant. source
  304. Lied about releasing all children from immigration detention. source
  305. Spent $3.3 million on another study into 'wind turbine syndrome', even though their own senate inquiries have shown there's no such thing. The committee had all articles rejected by scientific papers, and provided no advice to the government in its first 2 years. source source
  306. Prohibited people who owe money to CenterLink from leaving the country, regardless of how small the debt is or how soon they will return. source
  307. Spent $45,000 replacing lost and stolen devices for just one department. source
  308. Reneged on their promise to accept 12,000 refugees from Syria, instead accepting 26. source
  309. Spent $55 million to resettle just two refugees in Cambodia. source
  310. Cut domestic violence leave for public servants. source
  311. Scrapped the "Safe Schools" anti-bullying program, on the National Day of Action Against Bullying. source
  312. Spent $10,000 to fly the family of 2 ministers to a tropical island for a weekend holiday. source
  313. Claimed that scrapping negative gearing would simultaneously increase and decrease house prices. source
  314. Spent $15.4 million on research into globally damaging an increasingly unprofitable fossil fuels. source
  315. Requested in inquiry into an anti-bullying program which focused on fostering tolerance for queer youth. source source
  316. Spent $1.3 million on CCTV surveillance for an impoverished indigenous community who are desperately in need of more funding for education, health, housing and welfare. source
  317. Cut funding for research missions by a world class marine science ship, instead renting out the ship to foreign fossil fuel companies looking for oil and gas in Australian waters. source
  318. Voted against a motion asking the Housing Affordability Inquiry to update the senate on how they are progressing with the recommendations the government supported. source
  319. Proposed new broad powers for the Attorney-General so that the government can demand that telcos do unspecified "things", which could include filtering the internet, tracking everyone's browsing history and more. source
  320. Attempted to exempt telcos and law enforcement agencies from laws requiring users to be notified if their personal information has been breached. source
  321. Rejected an inquiry which recommended that citizens accused of tax fraud be treated as innocent until proven guilty. source
  322. Cut the pension for 35,000 public service retirees. source
  323. Spent $1.3 million on medals for Border Force staff, despite the alleged budget emergency. source
  324. Increased the cost of pap smears. source
  325. Told myGov users to downgrade the security on their account when travelling overseas, which is when security risks are highest. source
  326. Refused to allow the family of a terminally ill man to temporarily enter Australia to see their son one last time before he died. source
  327. Paid Telstra $80 million to fix the copper network which Telstra sold to the government. source
  328. Proposed an exemption so that internet providers and some other companies are not required to inform customers when their data is stolen by malicious third parties. source
  329. Spent almost $6000 to fly a minister's family to a coastal holiday. source
  330. Violated international law by illegally conducting war in Syria. source source
  331. Refused to give citizenship to eligible permanent residents, years after their refugee claims were accepted. source
  332. Spent $1770 on 3 bean bags. source
  333. Paid $1.5 billion for the East West Link far earlier than necessary, so that it would fall into Labor's financial year, to make them look worse. source
  334. Started regularly strip searching innocent females on Nauru, with only male staff present. source
  335. Spent $30,000 on a private jet to fly one minister and their partner from Perth to Canberra (instead of catching a normal plane) because a non-business event ran overtime. This is despite the alleged budget emergency. source
  336. Banned zoo visits for children in detention, deeming them "inappropriate", and ruling that they must remain imprisoned instead. source
  337. Made refugees work with deadly friable asbestos without any training and almost no equipment. source
  338. Appointed a Windfarm Commissioner, who is paid $205,000 per year for the part-time job, who received only 2 valid complaints in its first year. source source source
  339. Refused to investigate, prosecute or do anything to a foreign company who built a large port and cut down large areas of forest home to endangered species, without environmental approval. source
  340. Introduced cashless welfare cards to reduce the autonomy and control that support recipients have over their spending. source
  341. Removed the requirements that crews on ships operating for months between Australian ports get paid Australian-level wages. source
  342. Voted against increasing transparency about how much tax large corporations pay. source
  343. Spent $1.3 billion on replacements for Defence Force Land Rovers, despite the alleged budget emergency. source
  344. Funded ethnic cleansing and war crimes in PNG. source
  345. Tried to remove exclusion zones around abortion clinics which are designed to protect patients from harassment. source
  346. Voted against a motion which called for independent investigation of the bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan by the USA, which is a war crime. source
  347. Refused to give counselling to a pregnant woman prior to an abortion. The woman was raped whilst in our asylum seeker prisons. source
  348. Violated parliamentary anti-corruption rules by not declaring a substantial loan for almost 2 years. source
  349. Spent $18.5 million on a facial recognition program to log and spy on every Australian, store social media photos and potentially conduct live tracking of all citizens. source source
  350. Spent $80,000 on catering for a week long trip to Cape York and Torres Strait, despite the alleged budget emergency. source
  351. Forced an asylum seeker to pay for medicine to treat an injury they got when a government employee physically assaulted them. source
  352. Laughed and joked about the pacific islands whose very existence is threatened by climate change sea rises. source
  353. Scrapped the requirement that the board members of the National Disability Insurance Scheme have actual experience with disabilities (either personally, or through someone close). source
  354. Started advertising the jobs of the National Disability Insurance Scheme board without notifying the current board. source
  355. Lied about how many refugees we take. source
  356. Spent $21,000 of government money to fly a minister somewhere to give a speech about the need to stop wasteful government spending. source
  357. Cited 'the boats have stopped' as evidence that the economy is doing well. source
  358. Told an Australian company to sack their Australian employees and hire foreigners, in order to remain competitive under the government's new shipping deregulation rules. source
  359. Spent $24,000 on koala hire for a G20 photo opportunity, despite the alleged budget emergency. source
  360. Spent over $100,000 on flags for the G20 summit, despite the alleged budget emergency. source
  361. Broke an election promise to cut the company tax rate by 1.5%. source
  362. Broke an election promise to introduce a new paid parental scheme. source
  363. Broke an election promise to conduct and publish a cost benefit analysis for all infrastructure projects over $100 million. source
  364. Broke an election promise to not change GST, by removing the exemption for online purchases. source
  365. Did not attempt to conduct privacy impact assessments for 90% of their terror bills. source
  366. Lifted a ban on the import of a particular shotgun which has a fast firing rate and seven shot magazine capacity. source
  367. Spent $24.6 million on an advertising campaign to spruik the benefits of a trade deal (whose content is secret), despite the alleged budget emergency. source
  368. Illegally gave approval to an environmentally damaging mine. They then criticised those who pointed out the crime, and tried to change the law so that environmentalists cannot take legal action against illegal mines. source
  369. Refused to offer treatment and support to an asylum seeker who was raped on Nauru. source
  370. Lied about banning certain muesli bars and other products on Manus Island which have 'Freedom' in the brand name. source
  371. Proposed a plan to prioritise the applications of refugees who pay the government large sums of money over less fortunate refugees. (a.k.a. a bribe.) source
  372. Spent over $20,000 in a legal fight in order to hide modelling for the impact of university fee deregulation. source source
  373. Spent $14.4 million to get support for outdated and insecure software, instead of using current versions. source
  374. Waited 3 months before giving medication to a toddler with tuberculosis (a potentially fatal illness). source
  375. Spent thousands of government dollars on taxi rides to the Opera in just 8 days. The government claims that the expenditure is reasonable because the minister didn't pay for the tickets either. source
  376. Spent thousands of government dollars on limousine rides, and fudged the declaration paperwork to say they were taxi rides. source
  377. Spent $10,000 trying to chase down someone who leaked information to the media about how the Prime Minister deliberately and knowingly used false information to justify opposition to a defence force pay rise. source
  378. Held innocent asylum seekers in the same facilities as convicted rapists and murderers. source
  379. Spent $90,000 to send The Speaker to Europe for a fortnight so that she could apply for a job. source
  380. Spent $5,000 on a helicopter so that Bronwyn Bishop wouldn't have to travel 1 hour by car to get to a Liberal fundraising event. source
  381. Spent $27,000 on travel expenses for politicians to attend free sports events. source
  382. Spent $500,000 on Australian flags in just 6 months, despite the alleged budget emergency. source
  383. Banned the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) from investing in wind power and small scale solar power. source
  384. Banned telcos from seeing warrants for metadata access requests issued to chase down journalists sources, thereby undermining the purpose of the warrant system. source
  385. Removed the requirement for skills assessments of foreign electricians working under a Temporary Work visa. source source
  386. Voted against a royal commission into corruption and misconduct in the financial service industry, following a series of scandals. source
  387. Spent $500,000 on flags in just 6 months. source
  388. Used classified ASIO documents as props during a photo shoot. source
  389. Broke an election promise by scrapping Medicare locals. source
  390. Denied asylum seekers the right to make Freedom of Information requests for information the government has about them. source
  391. Admitted that an innocent senator was spied on by government employees whilst performing her job. The government initially labelled the senator an "embarrassment to this country" because they said the claims were "complete nonsense", despite knowing they were true. source source
  392. Incorrectly claimed that the Lindt Cafe gunman was linked with ISIS. source
  393. Reaped $1000 per month of government money to pay for Joe Hockey to stay in his wife's house. source
  394. Illegally paid people smugglers money to turn boats around, in order to disrupt their business model. source source
  395. Cut $13 million from the Australia Council and Screen Australia. source
  396. Cut $105 million from the Australian Council for the Arts without bothering to consult anyone in the arts industry. source
  397. Introduced 2 year jail sentences for doctors who disclose government wrongdoing and the high rates of health problems in immigration jails, even if the disclosures are in the public interest. source
  398. Proposed an exemption so that Australia's richest companies no longer have to publish basic information about how much tax they are paying. source
  399. Refused to offer any assistance to thousands of innocent refugees stranded offshore in our region. source source
  400. Proposed new powers to banish Australians suspected of terrorism, possessing a 'thing' related to terrorism, downloading a single file related to terrorism, vandalising commonwealth property or entering a 'no-go zone' country even for innocent purposes. Each guilty verdict would be made by a minister, not a court. The government does not have to prove the suspects are guilty. The new laws may contravene the 1961 United Nations Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness. source source source source
  401. Cut funding for an anti-deaths in custody service, the creation of which was recommended by the 1991 Deaths in Custody Royal Commission. source
  402. Granted the Immigration Department and local councils the power to search through the stored metadata of all citizens (and they won't need a warrant). source source
  403. Tried to pass off all responsibility for "matters of national environmental significance" to the states, who have weaker environmental protections. source
  404. Proposed 'ag-gag' laws, under which activists who expose illegal animal cruelty can be imprisoned if they take more than 48 hours to go to the police. source source
  405. Chose to leave the Minister's Council on Asylum Seekers and Detention empty. source
  406. Asked the Nauru government to block access to Facebook. source
  407. Cut all funding for The Conversation, a website which allows academics to promote and explain their research to a broader audience. source
  408. Censored data revealing shockingly high rates of mental illness amongst immigration detainees. source
  409. Spent $200,000 per year on gardening at Kirribilli House. source
  410. Spent $700,000 to rebrand "NBN Co" to "nbn TM". source
  411. Lied about the cost of the price on Carbon. source
  412. Scrapped the domestic violence education program in schools. source
  413. Failed to name the leader of ISIS on the day they sent 330 troops to a war against ISIS. source
  414. Spent $4 million for the 'Australian Consensus Centre', a climate denial center to be run by someone with no qualifications in science or economics. The government had already cut all funding for the Australian Climate Commission, citing a lack of funds. source source
  415. Withdrew from Australia's commitment to limit global temperature rises to two degrees. source
  416. Granted immigration detention centre staff greater immunity against repercussions for inappropriate uses of force. They now have greater immunity than police officers. source
  417. Scrapped a public inquiry into law enforcement agencies access to journalists' telecommunications data, for the purposes of identifying journalists' sources. source
  418. Spent $6 million on a movie which is supposed to deter people from fleeing genocide, war crimes, torture and other persecution. No English dubs or subtitles are available. source source
  419. Prevented the release of a 'name and shame' list of multinational tax dodging corporations. source
  420. Closed the school inside the Nauru detention centre, so that the space can be converted into offices, a staff gym and a staff recreational area. source
  421. Prohibited detention centre workers from joining certain political parties, churches and protests even when not identifiable as employees. They can also be fired if an asylum seeker follows them on Twitter without their knowledge. source
  422. Accidentally leaked the personal details of 31 world leaders, and chose not to notify them. They still claim your metadata will be safe though. source
  423. Proposed taxing all bank deposits. source source
  424. Scrapped the National Produce Monitoring System, which monitors domestic food for dangerous chemicals. source
  425. Breached the criminal code of conduct by offering the independently appointed Human Rights Commissioner a new job if she resigned. source
  426. Tried to pass multiple bills to halve the backpay of intellectually disabled workers who earned only $1 per hour in wages. source
  427. Kicked 10 Save The Children workers off Nauru, despite the government having no evidence to support their allegations of sexual and physical assault by the workers against detainees. source
  428. Flew across the country on a taxpayer funded private jet to attend the private birthday party of a millionaire who has made large donations to the Liberal party. source
  429. Rejected the crowdfunded offer of free solar panels with free installation for Kirribilli House. source
  430. Stripped 8000 public servants of their rights against unfair dismissal. source
  431. Prosecuted a white hat hacker who exposed serious security vulnerabilities of some of the ISPs who store the sensitive data of all Australians under the government's data retention policy. source
  432. Closed 150 remote Indigenous communities. source source
  433. Breached the international convention against torture. source
  434. Proposed scrapping the census. source
  435. Defended the use of the War Memorial to hold corporate events for foreign arms manufacturers. source
  436. Cut funding to Blind Citizens Australia, Deaf Australia and Down Syndrome Australia. source
  437. Refused to publish cost estimates for the data-retention policy which were provided by the industry. source
  438. Exempted Gmail, Skype and Facebook from their data-retention scheme, thereby significantly reducing its effectiveness. They are exempted because they are not Australian. Hence, Australian email providers will be forced to pay for data retention servers, while competing with non-Australian companies who don't. source
  439. Accused the Human Rights Commissioner of bias, because she published a report into children in detention, finding 233 incidents of assault against children, inside the government's immigration camps. source
  440. Voted to keep the text of the China Free Trade deal secret from the public. source
  441. Abolished the $10,000 limit on political donations. source
  442. Spent $17 million on a social media internet filter, allegedly to stop terrorist propaganda. The government believes that peaceful environmental protestors can be "terrorists". source source
  443. Claimed "good government starts today", after 18 months of governing. source
  444. Referred journalists to the police after they reported on immigration matters, including the illegal breaches of Indonesia's borders. source
  445. Lied about the use of weapons by peaceful protesters on Manus Island, when their camp was flooded with armed guards in riot gear. source
  446. Chose not to do any modelling whatsoever to determine whether the Emissions Reduction Fund will reduce emissions by the amount they claim it will. source
  447. Spent over $80,000 on kitchen appliances. source
  448. Knighted Prince Phillip, a non-Australian who asked Indigenous leaders "Do you still throw spears at each other?". source
  449. Broke the law by missing the deadline for publishing the Intergenerational Report, as stipulated by the Charter of Budget Honesty Act. source
  450. Applied to withdraw from a UN convention to protect migratory sharks, 2 months after agreeing to the convention. source
  451. Awarded a $6.3 million contract for armored cars for politicians to a foreign company, even though the company did not bid for the tender and an Australian company did. source
  452. Criminalised some discussions about cryptography by crytographic academics. source source source
  453. Spent more money per student on homeopathy, flower essence therapy and naturopathy tertiary courses than law, economics, languages and humanities. source
  454. Proposed the loosening of 457 work visas, allowing foreigners to work in Australia for 12 months, without passing English tests, without the need to look for local workers first. source
  455. Spent $88,000 on yoga workshops to improve the emotional intelligence of Immigration Department workers. source
  456. Used veto powers to block a UN resolution calling to the end of Israel's occupation of Palestine. source
  457. Spent over $15 million on an advertisement campaign to make university fee deregulation more palatable. source
  458. Violated the principle of non-refoulement again, by sending a refugee back to Afghanistan, where he was subsequently tortured for trying to escape. source
  459. Scrapped a plan to make coursework masters students eligible for income support. source
  460. Cut $44 million over 4 years from the Skills for Education and Employment program which helps jobseekers improve their reading, writing and maths. source
  461. Cut $66 million over 3 years from a program which supplements the income of adult apprentices earning less than minimum wage. source
  462. Introduced a $900 NBN fee for all new houses. source
  463. Cut all funding of homelessness and community housing programs, except the ones they are legally required to fund. source
  464. Refused to give visas to refugees who were found to have a well founded fear of persecution, came by plane, passed health checks and passed security checks. source source
  465. Appointed a climate change denier as parliamentary secretary to the minister of the environment. source
  466. Appointed who said he has "no interest in defence issues" as Minister for Defence. source
  467. Cut foreign aid a third time, this time by $3.7 billion. source
  468. Spent $120,000 monitoring the media for mentions of the Immigration Department. source
  469. Legislated to override all non-refoulement obligations. The government can now send refugees back to countries even if they know for certain that the refugees will be tortured or killed upon return. source
  470. Withdrew from the UN Refugee Convention. source
  471. Gave millions of dollars to subsidise the training of priests and other religious workers, using the money cut from public, secular universities. source
  472. Forced indigenous welfare recipients to work for full time, for 52 weeks a year, to get $5 per hour. source
  473. Spent $10,000 trying to identify a whistleblower who told the media that the Prime Minister knowingly mislead the public using information he knew was incorrect. source
  474. Claimed that virtual private networks (VPNs) would be exempt from their internet filter, then voted against an amendment to exempt VPNs from their internet filter. source
  475. Introduced an internet filter. Consumers and rights groups will not be able to contest blockages. The filter will cost customers $130,000 per year. Village Roadshow Studios donate over $300,000 to the Liberals each year, as do many other studios. source source source source source
  476. Gave the Immigration Minister the power to deny or revoke citizenship because someone has a mental illness. source
  477. Refused to grant asylum to anyone waiting in refugee camps in Indonesia. source
  478. Started another senate inquiry into wind farms, to look at the effect of wind power on power bills, even though the government's own reviews have already shown that wind power reduces power bills. source source
  479. Started an online petition to stop job losses at the ABC, just 36 hours after cutting ABC funding by 5%. source
  480. Gave permission to Chinese companies to sue the Australian government if it implements laws which reduce the corporation's profits. Australian companies can't even do the same to the Chinese government. The actual text of the legislation is being kept secret. source
  481. Perpetuated the lie of 'Terra Nullius'. source
  482. Chose to not investigate claims of torture and rape by staff in the Manus Island detention centre, because the accused corporation investigated the claims themselves and concluded that they were not guilty. The investigation was done completely internally by Transfield, without any involvement with the Immigration Department. source
  483. Contracted out the managing of the Do Not Call Register to a marketing company. source
  484. Tried to remove the requirement that telecommunications companies disclose how many times they voluntarily handed customer's data to law enforcement agencies without a warrant. source
  485. Bribed murder witnesses with the offer of the rights that they are currently being denied, to make them withdraw their statements about the death of someone who was murdered by the government's contractors. source
  486. Disobeyed Commonwealth value-for-money rules by forcing the Australian Tax Office to spend millions on new offices without making a business case for it or doing a cost benefit analysis. source
  487. Secretly and retrospectively changed the official record of what was said in parliament. source
  488. Refused to fulfill a senate order to explain the reasons behind a ban on accepting any refugees from Ebola infected countries. No such ban exists for normal immigrants. source
  489. Tried to remove the requirement that all free to air TV stations have captions from 6am to midnight. source
  490. Illegally refused to grant permanent visas to people found to be genuine refugees, despite their own department and the United Nations Human Rights Council telling them it is illegal. source
  491. Appointed 2 Liberal mates to the Migration Review Tribunal even though they were not shortlisted by the selection committee. source source
  492. Chose not to tell asylum seekers that sensitive information about their asylum claims, mental health problems and more was stolen again. The data was left on a hard-drive without password protection, outside of the lockable store-rooms. source
  493. Reduced the number of charities and aid organisations allowed into the G20 summit from 75 to 3. source
  494. Reduced leave allowances for defence force personnel and reduced wage increases to below the inflation rate, just a few days after declaring war. source
  495. Introduced laws to allow ASIO to secretly detain people without charge, without any contact to the outside world, and allow them to conduct "coercive questioning" even when less extreme measures are available. Refusal to answer ASIO's questions would be a crime punishable by imprisonment. source
  496. Gave ASIO the power to read, delete and modify anything and everything on the entire internet, with only one warrant. No one can sue them if they use that information or power illegally. If a journalist reports such abuse, they will be jailed for 10 years. source source source
  497. Broke an election promise by cutting ABC funding again ($120 million this time). source source
  498. Refused to send the Prime Minister to a UN climate summit with 125 other heads of state, even though the Prime Minister was attending another UN summit in the same city the next day. source source
  499. Joined the Iraq war 3.0 by recklessly running in with guns blazing without a clear, public and testable objective, without a proposed timeline, without any explanation of why we won't fail just like the last time and without debating the matter in parliament. The government is calling the war a "humanitarian mission", even though they cut all foreign aid to Iraq just a few months prior. source source source
  500. Spent $12 million trying to convince Sri Lanka to accept 2 boatloads of asylum seekers. source
  501. Spent $900,000 in just 2 months on private jet flights for ministers. source
  502. Forced all community TV stations off the air, claiming that moving online will be better for stations and viewers. Meanwhile they continue to fervently defend foreign corporate stations like HBO, who stubbornly refuse to make content accessible online. source
  503. Raised the terror threat level to "high", despite receiving no specific intelligence since claiming that the threat level "has not changed". source source
  504. Refused to give medical treatment to an asylum seeker with a cut on his foot, who later died because of an infection. source
  505. Rejected visa applications for unionists who wanted to attend a conference, because they didn't have enough "personal wealth". source
  506. Tried to introduce WorkChoices again. The changes will make it legal for employers to pay workers in pizza instead of money. Some workers will get less pay while taking annual leave. Employers will be able to veto industrial action. Unions will be stripped of their right to enter a workplace to discuss things will employees during unpaid breaks. Workers will no longer be paid extra for weekend work and overnight work. source source source
  507. Scrapped funding for the Red Cross asylum seeker support program. 500 jobs were lost. source
  508. Removed the requirement for ASIO to get a warrant before using tracking devices. source
  509. Legislated to permit ASIO operatives and associates to commit torture, and any other crime aside from murder, serious injury infliction, sexual assault and property damage. source source source source
  510. Legislated so that courts must accept illegally obtained evidence. source
  511. Privatised Australian Hearing. source source
  512. Increased intelligence agency funding by $630 million, and fought for the power to stop Australians from travelling to Middle Eastern countries, even though the risk of terrorism "has not changed" at the time. Australians who travel to those countries will be guilty until proven innocent. They will face up to 10 years of imprisonment. source source
  513. Scrapped the Countering Violent Extremists Program, which involved grants to community programs. source
  514. Censored doctors' reports showing that 1/3 of all detainees suffer from mental illness, and that self harm amongst children is common. source source
  515. Axed the Schools Business Community Partnership Brokers program, which has saved thousands of students from dropping out of school. source
  516. Introduced Work-For-The-Dole despite their own data showing that such programs are the least effective way of helping people find jobs. source
  517. Cut the $16 per patient per day supplement for aged care providers. source
  518. Rewrote counterterrorism laws so that Australian tourists returning from Syria and Iraq will be guilty of terrorism until they prove they are innocent. source
  519. Broke an election promise by allowing the new multi-billion dollar batch of Navy submarines to be built overseas, despite high levels of unemployment amongst our manufacturing sector. source source
  520. Spent $330,000 renovating a single room which has never been used. Including $800 on a single door knob. The cost of leaving it unused but on standby comes to $100,000 per year. source
  521. Forced the unemployed to apply for 40 jobs per month. This will bombard businesses with over 1,000,000 applications per day. There's currently about 1 job availability for every 10 unemployed people, so a lack of job applications is not the problem. source source
  522. Introduced mandatory metadata retention schemes for all internet providers. The government admits the changes are not necessary, and that there is no evidence to show that it will improve law enforcement. Warrants will not be required to access the data. The cost of implementing the schemes will come to about another $100 per customer per year. It will be used to punish illegal downloaders. source source source source source
  523. Finally admitted that "There's no crisis at all in the Australian economy", despite centering their election campaign on the alleged budget emergency. source
  524. Introduced new laws which mean Edward Snowden type leaks are punishable by up to 10 years of prison. No exemptions are made for anti-corruption leaks. If journalists report on anyone (including innocent bystanders) being killed accidentally or deliberately by security personnel, they will be jailed for up to 10 years. source source source source
  525. Spent $50,000 on upgrades of curtains and upholstery for the Prime Minister's office. source
  526. Falsely claimed that nations around the world are scrapping emissions trading schemes, even though there is currently a net increase in adoption of such schemes. source
  527. Remained unapologetic about 10 mothers trying to commit suicide. The mothers hoped that their orphan children would be freed from torturous asylum seeker prisons and cared for. source
  528. Forcefully handed over 41 innocent asylum seekers to a genocidal government, despite being aware that many had already been tortured before fleeing. This violates international laws and our own domestic laws. source source
  529. Incorrectly explained the mechanics of their own Carbon Price repeal. source
  530. Committed maritime piracy by storming boats in international waters at gunpoint, kidnapping and then imprisoning innocent passengers. Maritime piracy constitutes crimes against humanity. source source
  531. Claimed pre-First Fleet Australia was "unsettled or, um, scarcely settled", and called British colonisation a form of foreign investment. source source
  532. Cut $44 million from homelessness services. source
  533. Removed all mentions of climate change from their extreme weather website. source source
  534. Moved to strip environmental organisations from charity status. source source
  535. Refused to refer to East Jerusalem as "occupied", even though the Israeli military has met the specific criteria which constitute the legal definition of occupation, and even though Israel's own highest court ruled that the region is occupied, and even though the Israelis have built a wall twice as tall as the Berlin Wall to separate the region from the rest of Palestine. source
  536. Introduced legislation to allow the government to send asylum seekers back to the country they fled from, even if there is up to a 49% chance that they will be killed or tortured upon return. This violates the principle of non-refoulement, which constitutes human rights abuse. source source source source
  537. Moved to abolish the role of freedom of information commissioner, abolish the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and charge $800 for reviews of Freedom of Information Request denials. source
  538. Refused to publish any submissions it received for or against the proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, even though the government says the changes are to protect free speech. They refused to state what proportion of submissions supported the changes. The government defended this secrecy by claiming that all submissions were made with the expectation of confidentiality. This is false. The Senate Inquiry Submission Guidelines state that to make a Senate Inquiry Submission confidential, you must explicitly justify a request for confidentiality, and that such requests are generally denied. source source
  539. Tried to remove the laws that require financial advisors to act in the best interest of their clients, and the requirement that they provide clients with a statement of the fees they'll be charged each year. source source
  540. Refused to let Leo Seemanpillai's parents come to Australia temporarily for his funeral. He burned himself to death because the Australian Government wanted to send him back to proven genocide in Sri Lanka. His parents have been living in a refugee camp for 2 decades. 2 other people tried to commit suicide the same way within a month of Leo's death, to avoid being sent back to Sri Lanka. source source source
  541. Scrapped the annual $5 million grant to the Red Cross. source
  542. Defended the $4.8 million salary of the head of Australia Post, immediately after he cut 900 postal worker jobs to save money. source
  543. Lied by claiming asylum claims were being processed in the lead up to the Manus Island riots. source
  544. Cancelled meetings with the head of the International Monetary Fund and the president of the World Bank because Mr. Abbott would be told that the government's support for fossil fuels will heavily damage our economy in the long run. source
  545. Failed to model the impact on hospital emergency room waiting times due to the proposed GP fee. source
  546. Cut a further $600 million from Indigenous programs, in addition to the $534 million cuts in the 2014 budget. source source
  547. Claimed that removing the upper limit on university fees will cause fees to decrease. source
  548. Lied about the Australian Federal Police advising Tony Abbott not to visit Deakin University for safety reasons. source
  549. Blamed everyone but themselves for the murder of an innocent person during the Manus Island riots. Contractors, locals and even the victims were blamed. The report identified at least one of the murderers, but he has not been charged with murder. source source
  550. Slashed $560,000 from the Refugee Council of Australia. source source
  551. Supported Japan's moves to remove the pacifist parts of their constitution, claiming that the creation of an offensive Japanese military force will help regional stability and peace. (Japan only has a self defence force.) source
  552. Offered money to Manus Island detainees if they voluntarily returned to the war crimes, genocide, torture and persecution that they originally fled from. When in opposition the government opposed these same payments. source source
  553. Refused to comment about American drone strikes which killed 2 Australians. source
  554. Funded PNG's defence against a legal challenge to the Manus Island detention centre. source
  555. Redirected $4 million from the Child Sex Abuse Royal Commission to the Home Insulation Inquiry. source
  556. Gave the Minister for Infrastructure the power to silence Infrastructure Australia (an independent body) without justification. (See section 5A.2 of the link.) source
  557. Tried to scrap the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency. source
  558. Confiscated medication from asylum seeker detainees. A 3 year old consequently suffered repeated seizures. source source source
  559. Deliberately hid the cost of the $4.45 million renovations on The Lodge. source
  560. Tried to introduce a $7 fee for each time you go to see a GP. They claimed $7 is simultaneously large enough to act as a deterrent (thereby saving money), and small enough that it won't deter poor, sick people from getting help. source source source
  561. Spent $50,000 on one dinner for 60 G20 guests, including food specially flown to Washington from all over Australia. source
  562. Lied about the presence of a full time psychiatrist on Manus Island. source
  563. Cut over $900 million from local council funding. source
  564. Scrapped tax breaks for people with a dependent spouse. source
  565. Voted against the creation of a federal anti-corruption watchdog. source
  566. Scrapped The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. source
  567. Cut $170 million from the Research Training Scheme, which supported research students. source source
  568. Spent $12 million to investigate whether to sell off a department for $6 billion, when it makes $0.538 billion per year. source
  569. Cut $15 million from Charles Sturt University's dental health program and oral clinic. source
  570. Cut $2.5 billion from aged care programs, such as Meals On Wheels. source
  571. Removed financial rewards which encouraged Universities to enroll disadvantaged students. source
  572. Scrapped the National Rental Affordability Scheme. source
  573. Cut Sunday penalty rates for casual restaurant workers. source
  574. Cut $16 million from ANSTO, Australia's only nuclear research facility, and our only source of medical isotopes. source
  575. Slashed $1.1 million used to fight against animal abuse. source
  576. Made $110 million of broad-sweeping cuts to the Arts. The only organisation to receive more funding ($1 million more) is coincidentally chaired by the daughter of Rupert Murdoch. source source
  577. Cut $28.2 million from the Australia Council, which provides grants for the arts. source
  578. Cut $38 million from Australian television and film funding. source
  579. Scrapped the National Water Commission. source
  580. Scrapped the National Preventive Health Agency's $2.9 million National Tobacco Campaign. source
  581. Broke an election promise to have over one million roofs with solar panels. source source
  582. Broke an election promise by cutting billions from school funding and committing to even less of the Gonski reforms than they did at the election. source source source source
  583. Scrapped a program to encourage graduates to take up work in places of need. source
  584. Cut $1.3 billion from seniors concessions funding. source
  585. Scrapped the Community Food Safety campaign. source
  586. Cut $2.3 million from contributions to the World Health Organization. source
  587. Scrapped a program which encouraged Australian video game development. source
  588. Tried to deregulate university fees, thereby allowing Universities to charge what they want. Students would end up with American levels of crippling debt. Many of the politicians behind this policy received their degrees for free. Average student debt is expected to rise to $100,000, even though Abbott himself said "it is irresponsible to saddle Australians with $25,000 of debt". OECD figures show that the public benefits from tertiary qualifications twice as much as the individual. source source source source
  589. Scrapped the Women's leadership program. source
  590. Broke an election promise by cutting well over $15 billion per year from health funding. source source source source
  591. Scrapped the Australian Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Authority, which has helped increase organ donation rates. source
  592. Tightened eligibility and lowered indexation for support for injured Veterans. source source
  593. Scrapped the Commonwealth Human Rights Education Program. source
  594. Scrapped the Education Department's Online Diagnostic Tools Program, which helped improve teachers' productivity. source
  595. Cut $4.4 million from job interview workshop programs. source
  596. Scrapped the Office of Water Science research program. source
  597. Reduced the Medicare optometry rebate. source
  598. Spent $480 million merging the Department of Immigration and Customs into Border Force, which won't have to follow public service or Defence Force laws and protocols of conduct. source source
  599. Simultaneously increased the cost of petrol and cut funding for public transport. The government argued that disadvantaged people can't afford cars anyway, so they won't be hurt by the changes. source source source
  600. Scrapped Youth Connections, a program which helped disengaged youth reconnect with work and education. source
  601. Removed family tax benefits for children older than 6, and drastically reduced the income threshold for its eligibility and froze it below interest rates. source source
  602. Cut $845.6 million from programs which fund innovative start-ups. source
  603. Stopped giving under 25s Newstart. The Joint Committee on Human Rights said that this will violate our human rights obligations. source source source
  604. Spent $218 million upgrading Christmas Island's asylum seeker operations, so that we can whisk off vulnerable people out of side quicker before we start abusing them. source
  605. Halved the $2.55 billion emissions reduction fund. source
  606. Cut $2 billion from Australian Renewable Energy Agency, Landcare and other environmental agencies. source
  607. Cut over half a billion from Indigenous spending. source
  608. Cut 16,500 public service jobs, despite promising to create one million new jobs. source
  609. Cut the Exotic Diseases program. source
  610. Ended the Get Reading! program. source
  611. Scrapped the Centre for Quality Teaching. source
  612. Cut $111 million from the CSIRO. source source source
  613. Cut $120 million from ethanol and biofuel programs. source source
  614. Cut all funding to NICTA, a peak ICT technology research company. Coincidentally, NICTA publicly criticised the Coalition's NBN only a few weeks earlier, claiming fibre-to-node is an inferior option. source source
  615. Cut welfare for young people, so they have to survive on $0 per week for 6 months, before being put on a welfare scheme which is below the poverty line anyway. The Joint Committee on Human Rights said that this breaches our human rights obligations. source source source source source
  616. Set aside $245 million for religious chaplains in schools. Secular schools were stripped of the option of hiring a secular equivalent. No guarantees have been made about preventing heterosexist teachings that will make queer students feel sinful and ashamed. (Queer students are 6 times more likely to commit suicide than their peers.) Hundreds of secular social workers will lose their jobs. source source source source
  617. Scrapped the First Home Buyer's Account scheme, which provided sorely needed assistance for young people to buy homes. source
  618. Broke an election promise by tightening disability pension eligibility and financially penalising anyone who spends at least 4 weeks overseas. source source source
  619. Broke an election promise by changing age pension indexation, and eligibility age, and the threshold. source source source
  620. Abolished the position of disability commissioner, then created the position of wind farm commissioner. source source
  621. Cut all funding to the government's only dedicated disability website. source source
  622. Broke an election promise by cutting $40 million from the SBS and ABC. source source source
  623. Cut foreign aid, again. This time by $7.6 billion. source
  624. Started charging interest on HECS. OECD figures show that the public benefits from tertiary qualifications twice as much as the individual. source source
  625. Reduced the income threshold where graduates start to pay back HECS. source source
  626. Cut $138 million from the Australian Federal Police, resulting in 335 job losses. source
  627. Scrapped a loan scheme which helped apprentices buy the tools they need to learn and work. source
  628. Claimed asylum seekers are safe on Nauru, even after an unexploded wartime shell was found inside the compound. source
  629. Claimed asylum seekers are safe on Nauru, even after it was leaked that some guards physically and verbally assault children regularly. source
  630. Failed to provide adequate medical treatment to asylum seekers on Manus Island who were shot and bashed by locals that invaded the camp and rioted. source source
  631. Went $1 million (67%) over budget on the Commision of Audit, an investigation into how taxpayer money can be spent more prudently. source
  632. Cut $15 million from Flinders Hospital, then spent $10 million upgrading the field for the Manly Rugby League team. source
  633. Broke an election promise to not cut ABC funding, by cutting all funding to the Australia Network (part of the ABC). source source source
  634. Described wind farms as "utterly offensive" and "a blight on the landscape". source
  635. Spent $20 million on an international campaign to discourage people from fleeing war crimes, genocide and other persecution. source
  636. Broke an election promise by proposing a deficit tax. source
  637. Chose not to debrief any Manus Island detention centre staff after the riots by PNG locals which resulted in the death of one asylum seeker and the hospitalisation of dozens more. source
  638. Paid people $1500 per person per day to recommend spending cuts. source
  639. Deliberately ignored desperate and repeated pleas by security personnel on Manus Island and the commander of Operation Sovereign Borders requesting stronger fencing, CCTV cameras and better lighting. These requests were made months before locals broke down the fences, shot, stabbed and bashed detainees, none of which was caught on CCTV footage. source
  640. Tried to abolish the independent national charity regulation body, which would mean the government would regulate charities, possibly resulting in less impartial regulation. For example, environmental groups stripped of charity status because they oppose government policies. source
  641. Removed climate change from the agenda of the 2014 international G20 summit. source
  642. Spent about $2 million for Prince William and Kate's 14 day royal visit, despite the alleged budget emergency. source source
  643. Spent $3 billion on new drones to patrol our borders, despite the alleged budget emergency. source
  644. Spent $7.5 million on life boats to send back asylum seekers in. Allegedly the motivation behind the government's asylum seeker policy is to stop people drowning when travelling from neighbouring countries to Australia in unsafe vessels. Despite this, much of the safety equipment was removed from the boats before sending asylum seekers back into the ocean. source source
  645. Prevented internet supplier TPG from installing fibre all the way to customers. The arbitrary bureaucratic hurdles have increased the cost of fibre to premise by 15%. source source
  646. Broke an election promise by no longer guaranteeing NBN speeds higher than what ADSL can provide. source
  647. Retroactively introduced legislation to classify someone born in Australia as an "unauthorised maritime arrival" because their parents haven't had their asylum claims processed yet. source source
  648. Scrapped a body which provides advice on over $1 billion in tax breaks that are designed to encourage Research and Development, despite promising during the election to improve incentives for Research and Development investment. source
  649. Claimed a 2.5% reduction in funding every year for the ABC is not a funding cut. source
  650. Cut over 300 jobs (about 1 in 3) in the Treasury department. source
  651. Cut 400 jobs in the Department of Industry. source
  652. Removed anti-sweatshop laws and cut all funding to Ethical Clothing Australia. source
  653. Closed all Medicare offices on Saturdays. source
  654. Ceased legal assistance for people exercising their right to make a claim for asylum. source
  655. Cut 250 jobs from the Federal Environment Department. source source
  656. Increased the fee for lodging Freedom of Information requests. source
  657. Increased the eligibility age for the pension. source
  658. Claimed that the average electricity bill will be $200 per year lower without the price on carbon, despite relevant power companies rejecting the magnitude of this figure. source
  659. Implemented a policy which dictates that public servants should be sacked if they criticise the government in social media, even if their profile does not mention the their employment, and even if the profile is completely anonymous. source source source
  660. Chose not to give 300 children almost any schooling during 9 months of detention. source source
  661. Threatened staff against speaking out about the mismanagement of the Manus Island detention centre and the attacks against it's inmates by locals and staff. source
  662. Detained people in conditions so inhumane and horrid that three pregnant women asked for abortions, to stop their children suffering in detention indefinitely. The Government has refused to comment. source source
  663. Chose not to process any claims for asylum from people detained on Manus Island. source
  664. Claimed that all social media is anonymous. source
  665. Chose to keep secret the interim report into the riots inside the Manus Island detention centre. source source
  666. Paid a public relations company $97,000 for 3 weeks of work to help improve the Education Department's image, then refused to release the report that came of it. source
  667. Claimed the government will be $13.7 billion better off if the Mining Tax is scrapped, even though the scrapping the tax itself would actually result in a net loss If $3.7 billion. The only savings would be through other cuts hidden in the repeal bill. The biggest of which is the Schoolkids Bonus (an initiative which was never associated with the Mining Tax). The government claims the average household will be better off, but the average household will be $3500 worse off due to repealed subsidies and tax breaks. source source
  668. Interfered with the judicial process by transferring asylum seekers to a remote detention centre the day before they started a court case against the Australian Government. The case was about how the government endangered them and their families by accidentally publishing personal details about their asylum claims online. source source
  669. Spent more money on detention centres than it would cost to house asylum seekers in Sydney's most expensive 5 star hotels (per asylum seeker per day). source
  670. Started charging people who put in bankruptcy applications, and increased the levy on money earned post-bankruptcy. source
  671. Broke international laws by arbitrarily imprisoning children. source
  672. Scrapped a program to give asylum seekers free advice on how to navigate Australia's immigration bureaucracy when exercising their right to seek asylum. The justification for this scrapping was based on the false claim that asylum seekers are illegal. source source source source
  673. Tried to reintroduce temporary protection visas. source source
  674. Ignored an order from the United Nations Human Rights Committee to release some asylum seekers who are being illegally held without proof or judicial protection, in cruel, inhumane or degrading circumstance. source
  675. Reintroduced the British system of knights and dames, only 3 months after saying they would not do so. source
  676. Spent $211,000 on public relations staff to make the Medibank Private sale more palatable to the public. source
  677. Sold Medibank Private for $4 billion, even though that means the government will lose up to $0.5 billion per year of income from dividends. source source
  678. Claimed that all Australians have the "right to be a bigot". source
  679. Refused to grant a human rights lawyer access to the Manus Island detention centre. source
  680. Backed PNG's decision to cancel a human rights inquiry into the Manus Island detention centre. source
  681. Issued Manus island detention centre guards with knives designed for noose cutting, because they frequently need to cut down people who try to hang themselves thanks to of the horrid conditions. source source
  682. Tried to exempt loggers in Tasmania's World Heritage forests from the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, so they won't have to worry about killing threatened species. source
  683. Claimed that the majority of asylum seekers on Manus island won't be given refugee status, even though more than 90% of all asylum seekers who've come to Australia since mid 2009 were eventually found to be genuine refugees, fleeing torture, rape, genocide and persecution. source source
  684. Vowed to revive a part of WorkChoices which means construction Industry Enterprise Bargaining Agreements don't apply to subcontractors doing Commonwealth work. source
  685. Refused to support a UN proposal to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka. If such crimes been committed, the Abbott government will be guilty of crimes against humanity for forcefully sending refugees back to Sri Lanka, and for actively helping the Sri Lankan military stop people from fleeing their rape, torture and genocide. A Sri Lankan Tribunal has already proven that the Sri Lankan government is guilty of genocide. source source source source source
  686. Failed to provide running water to some toilets in the detention centre on Manus Island. source
  687. Spent $25 million extending the contracts of the crew on one ship so they could be part of Operation Sovereign Borders. source
  688. Provided no soap in the Manus Island detention centre and regularly gave asylum seekers worm infested food. source
  689. Proposed amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act so that people who "offend" or "insult" someone because of their "race, colour or national or ethnic origin" will not be legally required to pay compensation. source source
  690. Gave $100 million to Australia's 2 most profitable mining companies, to build a mine which isn't even in Australia, despite claiming "the age of entitlement is over", and despite refusing to give corporate welfare to struggling companies who have to sack hundreds of workers. source source source
  691. Prevented journalists from interviewing asylum seekers injured in the Manus Island riots. source
  692. Lied thrice in one BBC interview by claiming that the Abbott government is considering settling asylum seekers in Australia, and claiming that children in detention go to school, and claiming that asylum seekers on Manus Island are having their claims processed. None of these claims are true. source
  693. Cut all welfare ($260,000) for orphans of defence force casualties. source source source
  694. Gave state governments an ultimatum: sell off government assets before a certain deadline, (regardless of whether the people or the state government want to) or miss out on billions of dollars of funding. The states would not be allowed to use the money from the sales to pay off debt. Reluctant states were told they could still access federal funds through environmental programs that the Federal Government is trying to scrap. source source source source
  695. Justified the logging of forests currently on the world heritage list because Christianity supposedly tells us "the environment is meant for man". source
  696. Ripped $140 billion out of Australians' superannuation accounts through loosening of consumer protection rules regarding financial planning. source
  697. Deported the mother of a 4 year old Australian citizen, thereby separating the child permanently from her only remaining guardian. source
  698. Stopped collecting data on gender equality in the workplace. source
  699. Threatened to block government funding from arts groups who refuse sponsorship from corporations the artists deem unethical. source
  700. Lied to the United Nations about the quality of the Tasmanian forests they want removed from the world heritage list. source
  701. Claimed no Sri Lankan asylum seekers have been sent back into danger, despite being in possession of documents which prove at least one asylum seeker was tortured after being forcefully sent back. A Sri Lankan tribunal recently proved that the Sri Lankan government was guilty of genocide. The United Nations Human Rights Commission is currently investigating war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka. source source source
  702. Suggested most existing major roads should introduce tolls. source
  703. Spent $24 billion on new, buggy, spontaneously combusting fighter jets, already years behind schedule, which aren't going to be built in Australia. The jets can't run off warm fuel from a truck which has been sitting in the sun (since the fuel tank is used as a heat sink). The software for firing the guns won't be ready until 3 years after deployment. The software has not passed a security audit. Each plane holds less than 3 seconds of ammunition for the guns. source source source source source source
  704. Failed to supply enough food to asylum seekers inside the detention centre on Manus Island. source
  705. Secretly defeated an international nuclear disarmament treaty, arguing against a sentence in the treaty which stated that it is in the interests of humanity that nuclear weapons never be used again "under any circumstances". Australia argued that a disarmament treaty would be less effective at reducing proliferation than having no disarmament treaty. source
  706. Kept secret the taxpayer funded 900 page Audit commission report which recommended tightening eligibility for seniors health cards. source
  707. Tried to scrap the price on carbon, even though the emissions of relevant companies have dropped by 7% due to the price. source
  708. Declined an offer from the Uniting Church to care for unaccompanied refugee children currently in detention centres. The church offered to feed house and clothe them free of charge. source
  709. Ridiculed the notion that the minister for women should identify as a feminist. source
  710. Started 5 audits of the NBN within the first 7 months of being in power. source
  711. Proposed the scrapping of regulation which prevents media monopolies and duopolies. source
  712. Claimed that loggers are "the ultimate conservationists" during a speech about why the government will not create more national parks. In the same speech Abbott lamented that we have "too much locked up forest". There are currently over 1000 innocent children locked up in detention centres, presumably this is not "too much". source source
  713. Blamed Qantas job losses on the carbon tax, even though a Qantas spokesman said "Qantas' current issues are not related to carbon pricing". source
  714. Finally admitted that "Operation Sovereign Borders" is a civilian operation not a military one. source
  715. Spent over $15,000 on a custom made bookcase to replace a $7,000 custom bookcase which holds $13,000 worth of taxpayer funded books and magazines in senator Brandis' office. source
  716. Spent $22,000 taxpayer dollars buying new cutlery and crockery for the ministerial wing of parliament. source
  717. Spent over $8 million each year on salaries alone for 95 media staff for the department of Immigration, despite the fact that the department tells the media almost nothing. Those same staff spent over $9,000 in just 2 months monitoring the media for transcripts of their own minister's press conferences. source source
  718. Proposed a "green army" comprised of young people paid less than half of minimum wage without normal workplace protections. source source
  719. Cut $3 million in funding for a program to save an endangered rhino species of which there are only 100 left. source
  720. Referred to our humanitarian immigration program as "Operation Sovereign Murders". source
  721. Defended spending $3.5 million on a tent kitchen on Manus Island. source
  722. Sent asylum seekers back to Indonesia, 3 of which later died trying to cross a river in the jungle they landed next to. source
  723. Defended the Manus Island scheme during a press conference about the man who was shot dead in our detention centres by claiming the government is "ending the deaths" of asylum seekers. More refugees have died on Manus island than have been settled. source source
  724. Chose not to send any representatives to the Partnership for Market Readiness assembly, a conference which Australia helped fund which is about market mechanisms to curb emissions. source
  725. Appointed someone to head the investigation into the Manus Island riots who claimed that rape victims in Manus Island detention centres receive better treatment than Australians. source
  726. Planned a doubling of the defence force's annual budget, increasing it by $24 billion, despite the supposed budget emergency and after the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. source source source source source
  727. Defied legislation by not appointing the Climate Change Authority to run the investigation into the Renewable Energy Target. source
  728. Blamed electricity price rises on the renewable energy target, despite their own modelling predicting that is will reduce electricity prices in the long term, and Energy Australia stating that it has suppressed prices since it was created. source source source
  729. Forced Manus Island staffers to lie to detainees. source
  730. Placed an ex-officer of the Sri Lanka army in charge of the Manus Island detention centre, which holds people fleeing the Sri Lanka army's war crimes and genocide. source source
  731. Spent $13.3 million on floating hotels for detention centre staff on Manus island. source
  732. Admitted the information given about the Manus detention centre riots was drastically wrong. source source
  733. Convinced Cambodia (one of the poorest countries in our region) to take in some of the refugees currently in our detention centres. Serious human rights abuse continue to be committed regularly under the Cambodian government and military. source source source source source
  734. Purchased 8 new Poseidon aircraft totalling $4 billion despite the "budget emergency". source source
  735. Guarded the body of a dead asylum seeker using guards who were possibly the ones that shot him. Those same guards confiscated a camera from a journalist on site then deleted all his photos. source
  736. Blamed the Carbon Tax for job losses at Alcoa's aluminium smelter, despite Alcoa being 94.5% exempt from the tax, and despite Alcoa explicitly stating that "the carbon tax was not a factor in the decision". source
  737. Accidentally published personal details about almost 10,000 asylum seekers and their claims, thereby putting all their lives in danger. Regardless of whether the original asylum claims were genuine, if those asylum seekers are returned to their country of origin, they and their family may be imprisoned, tortured or killed because governments and militias in their country of origin will know they sought asylum. After discovering the blunder, the government took 13 days to remove the information from public view. As part of a press release about the accidental leak, the government made public further information about where to find the still life threatening document. source source source source source
  738. Eventually admitted that Navy ships "inadvertently" crossed into Indonesian waters despite using high tech GPS navigation, then they made the exact same mistake again 5 times. The government chose to not even interview any crew members of one such ship when writing a report on the matter. source source source
  739. Removed poverty reduction from the goals of the foreign affairs department, which manages foreign aid. source
  740. Paid their own indigenous employees substantially less than non-indigenous co-workers despite promising to help "close the gap". source
  741. Deleted negative comments on the Department of Immigration's Facebook page, but left objectively false comments, such as claims that asylum seeking is illegal. source source
  742. Denied responsibility after Manus Island detention centre guards let in a mob of locals, resulting in an asylum seeker being shot and dozens more injured. Injuries included slit throats, machete wounds and eyes hanging from sockets. source source source source source
  743. Chose not to mention a $882 million payout to News Corp. when outlining a $16.8 billion budget black hole. The payout was the single biggest item in the black hole. source source
  744. Annoyed the Navy by having the immigration minister tour naval bases like a defence minister would. source
  745. Promised to continue with their NBN plan even if a cost-benefit analysis (which is yet to be done) shows it does not give a worthwhile return on investment. source
  746. Chose a climate change denier to lead a review of the renewable energy target. source
  747. Denied any link between droughts and climate change. source
  748. Spent $4.3 million on market research to gauge public opinion on social media and other outlets about government policies. source source
  749. Proposed greater government control over the internet, including the power to order ISPs to block specific sites. source source
  750. Granted the Environment Minister retrospective legal immunity against court challenges alleging he failed to consider expert environmental advice before approving damaging mining projects. i.e. They are undermining the Rule of Law and legislating to allow the Environment Minister to literally ignore the environment. source
  751. Exempted Western Australia from federal laws protecting endangered species to allow a shark cull, despite evidence culls do not reduce the frequency of attacks on humans. source
  752. Spread propaganda to potential asylum seekers which deliberately make Australia look like a villainous, incompassionate country. The propaganda completely ignores the violence, torture, rape and persecution that causes people to seek asylum. source
  753. Disbanded an asylum seeker health panel of 12 experts from a range of fields, replacing it with one military surgeon. The government has refused to comment on the matter. source
  754. Alleged that Edward Snowden endangered lives and claimed that Australia does not need any surveillance reform. source source
  755. Denied any wrongdoing after a government aid married to the head of a junk food lobby pulled down a government website providing simplified nutritional information within hours of its launch. source
  756. Cut 500 jobs from the Australian Tax Office. source
  757. Violated Youtube's policies regarding deceptive content, resulting in the suspension of Abbott's whole channel. source
  758. Lied about NSW signing on with their independent schools deal. source
  759. Proposed the conversion of one quarter of public schools to independent schools. source
  760. Claimed "the age of entitlement is over" whilst continuing to give mining companies billions of dollars of subsidies and tax concessions. source source source source source
  761. Lied about the working conditions at SPC factories to justify declining financial assistance. source
  762. Arbitrarily denied many asylum seekers the right to a lawyer during the interviews where they make their asylum claim. source
  763. Withheld asylum seeker arrival numbers to avoid being a "shipping news service for people smugglers", despite literally advertising those same numbers on a billboard while in opposition. source source source
  764. Dismissed out of hand serious allegations that Navy personnel assaulted asylum seekers, based on the supposed moral perfection of those personnel. A recent investigation proved that some of those personnel had sexually assaulted other crew by inserting objects up their arses. The Defence Force and the Immigration Department didn't even bother interviewing the asylum seekers who made the claims. source source source
  765. Embarrassed Australia on the world stage by oversimplifying the Syrian conflict as "goodies vs baddies". source
  766. Appointed yet another straight, white cisgendered male as Governor General. source
  767. Called Edward Snowden a traitor. source
  768. Criticised the ABC because they aren't biased towards the Government. source
  769. Accepted a claim for asylum not because of the merit of the claim but because Cricket Australia wanted the man in their team. source
  770. Violated international convention by criticising Labor on the Global stage. source
  771. Stole crucial evidence from an Australian lawyer representing East Timor in an international tribunal against Australia relating to our illegal spying on East Timor's oil deal. source
  772. Shut down the 113 year old Australian Valuation Office, thereby making 200 jobs disappear. source
  773. Provoked Indonesia so much that they put their air force on standby at the border. source
  774. Crossed into Indonesian waters without authorisation again, then abandoned a boat without enough fuel to get to shore, forcing asylum seekers to swim for an hour to get to shore. source
  775. Defeated moves to cease the recital of the (Christian) Lord's prayer at the start of each sitting day of (secular) federal parliament. source
  776. Cut all funding from all international environmental programs. source
  777. Closed mainland detention centres and moves detainees offshore, citing budget savings as the motivation, even though offshore processing costing almost twice as much as onshore processing. source source source
  778. Authorised the Navy to fire over the bows of asylum seeker boats. source
  779. Refused to comment on 4 attempted suicides, hunger strikes and many self harm attempts happening simultaneously in detention centres. source
  780. Exempted Navy personnel of workplace safety obligations to treat asylum seekers safely, and gave them legal immunity for criminal acts which are committed by order of the government. source
  781. Rewrote the school curriculum to make it more right wing. The previous curriculum was developed over many years with extensive consultation. The new curriculum is being written by two people. One thinks "abos" are "human rubbish tips", called a sexual assault victim a "worthless slut", and laments that Australia has too many "mussies" and "chinky-poos". The other has questioned whether migrants and women are disadvantaged, and suggested homosexuality is "unnatural". source source source
  782. Refused to respond to questions from the United Nations about boat tow-backs. source
  783. Likened our humanitarian immigration program to war. source
  784. Directed that asylum seeker families shall be given the lowest priority for processing, even those who've lived in Australia for years. source
  785. Spent over $120,000 on Kirribilli House, including $13,000 on an imported luxury rug, paid for by the taxpayer. source
  786. Endangered lives, committed maritime piracy and broke other international laws by turning around a boat whose passengers have the right to seek asylum in Australia. The government refused to comment on the matter. Lives were endangered as a result of this move, because the boat ran out of fuel and became stranded. source source source
  787. Tried to deport a gay refugee to Pakistan, where he would be imprisoned for life for his sexuality. In doing so the government would have committed human rights abuse by violating the principle of non-refoulement. The man has never lived in Pakistan. source source
  788. Threatened to withhold food from families if children don't stand still for 6 hours per day queuing for food. The food is sometimes served with hands not utensils. source
  789. Forced women to queue for a whole day just to get a tampon or pad, only to queue again when they need a fresh one, because they are a fire hazard. The government refused to comment. source
  790. Scrapped the Building Multicultural Communities Program. 400 community organizations will now miss out on the promised funding they have already budgeted for. source
  791. Cut all funding to Jewish Holocaust Centre ($7,700). source
  792. Tried to silence the media to stop them criticising the upcoming private jet deal for politicians. source
  793. Quietly reduced instant asset write-off tax breaks for small businesses despite championing themselves as pro-small-business. source
  794. Criticised the ABC for not "advancing Australia's broad and enduring interests in the Asian region", without actually accusing the ABC of any specific wrongdoing or poor judgement. source
  795. Scrapped the National Intercountry Adoption Advisory Group then 2 months later created the interdepartmental working group on overseas adoption, a body which serves an identical purpose. source
  796. Stopped weekly press conferences on asylum seekers. Declined further comment on the matter. source
  797. Approved a 6.2% increase in health insurance premiums. source
  798. Deliberately omitted 23 questions asked of the immigration minister in a press conference. They have refused to comment further on why those questions were omitted. source
  799. Refused requests for medical treatment from a pregnant women in detention who subsequently had a miscarriage. She probably would have had a normal birth had she received the treatment she asked for. The government declined to comment further. source
  800. Broke an election promise to send a boat to monitor whaling by instead promising to only send an aircraft. The government subsequently broke that second promise too, allowing whalers to kill endangered whales without any Australian monitoring. source source
  801. Broke an election promise by renaming the NDIS, making it "DisablityCare" and renaming the "launch" a "trial", thereby casting doubt on whether they will even commit to the scheme fully. source
  802. Scrapped the AusAid graduate program, requiring the sacking of the newest batch of graduates. source
  803. Axed the position of coordinator-general for remote indigenous services. source
  804. Approved the construction of gargantuan coal mines in the Galilee Basin, including one in the habitat of an endangered species. If all projects go ahead the emissions released from that coal annually will amount to 130% of what our entire nation currently emits annually. source source source
  805. Appointed Tim Wilson as human rights commissioner. He has personally advocated for the abolition of the human rights commission, and his new 6 figure salary is so large that the commission will have to cut education and anti-bullying programs to fund it. source
  806. Scrapped the Biodiversity fund. source
  807. Cut funding for the National Congress of Australia's First Peoples, a body of elected representatives of the indigenous people. source
  808. Handed $16 million to Cadbury, but refused to give subsidies to Holden, Qantas and SPC Ardmona. Cadbury is owned by a multinational firm whose profits rose by 64% to $74.9 million last year. Coincidentally the Cadbury factory is located in a marginal electorate. source source source
  809. Axed the home energy saver scheme, which successfully helped struggling households cut down high electricity bills. source
  810. Dismantled the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the Low Carbon Communities Program and the Caring for our Country Program. source
  811. Cut $43.1 Million in legal aid funding, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services, community legal services, the UNSW Indigenous Legal Centre and the Family Violence Prevention Legal Services. source source source
  812. Cut funding for the Energy Efficiency Program (which was compulsory for large electricity consumers). source
  813. Slashed all funding (over $10 million) from the Environmental Defender's Offices. source
  814. Broke an election promise by cutting $150 million from NSW hospitals. source source
  815. Axed a scheme to improve the wages of aged care workers. source
  816. Scrapped the Wage Connect Program (a scheme which encouraged employers to hire long-term unemployed people). source
  817. Broke an election promise for a 25MBi/s National Broadband Network, and announced that it will cost more than they promised. source
  818. Broke an election promise to return to surplus by 2016-2017. source
  819. Undermined the rule of law by proposing a "code of conduct" for refugees living in Australia, despite the fact refugees commit fewer crimes per person than the national average. source source source
  820. Failed to take any action in response to Snowden's leaks showing that the Australian Government is helping the USA spy on all Australians. source
  821. Repealed poker machine laws designed to address gambling addiction. source
  822. Planned the unwinding of the World Heritage protection of Tasmanian forests despite opposition from the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania. source
  823. Changed the ministerial code of conduct so ministers no longer have to sell shares which create a conflict of interest. source
  824. Threatened queer detainees in PNG by saying they will be reported to local police if they engage in homosexual acts. Homosexuality is illegal in PNG. Such threats mean refugees fleeing persecution because of their sexual orientation are not able to make their asylum claim without fear of arrest. This counts as human rights abuse because it violates the principle of non-refoulement and strips people of their right to safely make a claim for asylum. The government has refused to comment further. source source source
  825. Terminated their deal with the Salvation Army to provide humanitarian assistance with those on Manus Island and Nauru. Consequently 300 people lost their job. The government has refused to comment further. source
  826. Disbanded IHAG, a group that provides advice about the health of asylum seeker detainees, which helps combat the rising rates of mental illness and self harm. The government has refused to comment further. source
  827. Approved the expansions for Abbott Point coal port, which requires dumping 3 million tonnes of dredge spoil onto the Great Barrier Reef, thereby threatening the Queensland's entire tourism industry and hospitality industry, and the reef's heritage status. source source
  828. Removed the Murray Darling from the list of threatened ecological communities. source
  829. Signed a trade agreement with South Korea that allows foreign companies to sue the Australian government if it implements policies which adversely affect their business (e.g. for environmental or anti-sweatshop reasons). source
  830. Removed the requirement for the government to consider advice about the protection of endangered species when approving projects. source
  831. Detained innocent asylum seekers in conditions so horrible they amount to torture according to Amnesty International. 500ml of water per person per day, in a shadeless tropical island, with mental illness rates of over 30% and no soap despite rampant gastro. source
  832. Made Orwellian threats about cutting ABC funding because the government didn't like one of their stories, and because their quality of journalism is too high, thereby creating competition which threatens the corporate newspaper duopoly (who are now floundering because they didn't see the internet coming). source
  833. Incorrectly defined metadata as billing data only, when it actually includes email subject headings, location data, financial transaction details and more. source source source
  834. Called for privatisation of electricity networks, despite evidence showing it does not lower power bills. source source
  835. Cut $3 billion in welfare for students, the elderly and families. source source
  836. Scrapped the Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing, despite the fact our population is aging. source
  837. Secretly changed voting position at the UN regarding the Israel and Palestine issue without telling anyone. source
  838. Abandoned Gonski agreements with states and committed to 3 fewer years of Gonski than their pre-election promise. source
  839. Broke an election promise by scrapping the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia. The government spent $1 million on administrative costs to do so, even though the council only received $1.6 million in funding per year. source
  840. Cut $4.5 billion in foreign aid. source source
  841. Tried to scrap the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corp, even though it provides $110 million per year in net revenue to the government. source
  842. Disbanded AusAid (the foreign aid body), merging the remainder into the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. source
  843. Ceased reporting births and clinical depression in detention centers. Downgraded self harm. source
  844. Forcefully and unapologetically separated a mother and her newborn child. source
  845. Cut $300 million from child care staff subsidies. source
  846. Introduced a bill which allows for unpaid union officials in elected roles to be jailed for up to 5 years and fined up to $340,000. source
  847. Cut $2.3 billion from higher education, and removed start-up scholarships (thereby significantly increasing the debt of the poorest students) and removed the 10% HECS discount for paying up-front. source
  848. Increased superannuation tax for the poor, and decreased it for the rich. source
  849. Tried to scrap the school kids tax concession (thereby increasing the cost of living for families by $16,000 per school child over their education). source
  850. Withdraw all Commonwealth funding for Commonwealth supported places at University. source
  851. Scrapped the Australian Animals Welfare Advisory Committee, Commonwealth Firearms Advisory Council, International Legal Services Advisory Council, National Steering Committee on Corporate Wrongdoing, Antarctic Animal Ethics Committee, Advisory Panel on the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula, High Speed Rail Advisory Group, Maritime Workforce Development Forum, Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing, Insurance Reform Advisory Group and National Housing Supply Council (all in one day). source
  852. Provided $2.2 million for miners and farmers to fight against native title claims. source
  853. Cut $435 million from the Renewable Energy Agency. source
  854. Unwound same sex marriage laws in ACT. source source
  855. Scrapped the Social Inclusion Board (an anti-poverty advisory group). source
  856. Used Wikipedia as a source to support a claim which was actually contradicted by Wikipedia. source source
  857. Declared bushfires unrelated to climate change. source source
  858. Mandated that all public servants should incorrectly refer to boat arrivals as "illegal". source source source
  859. Sent no one important to the international climate summit. The people who did go went in tee-shirts, giggled and were so insensitive and disrespectful that there was a walkout by other countries. source
  860. Proposed privatising HECS. source
  861. Tried to raise the debt ceiling by $200 billion. source
  862. Moved to protect companies from boycotts against them (e.g. for using slave labour or destroying the environment) thereby undermining the foundation of capitalism by reducing consumer power. source source
  863. Kept Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations secret, even though it threatens the very foundations of our democracy. The leaked agreement would allow international companies to sue governments if their profits are diminished by environmental, indigenous land rights or anti-child-sweatshop laws. The TPP would give corporations many of the same rights that individuals have. There is no expiration date or separation clause, so once signed, it's here forever. source source source
  864. Broke an election promise by trying to scrap the 2020 emissions target. source source
  865. Scrapped the Climate coalition. source
  866. Cut 600 CSIRO staff. source
  867. Donated $2 million worth of patrol boats to help Sri Lanka stop people fleeing proven genocide, human rights abuse, war crimes and extra judicial killings. source source source source
  868. Excused torture in Sri Lanka. source
  869. Chose not to appoint a minister for science, for the first time in half a century. source
  870. Appointed a man as minister for women who said "I don't support womens' causes". source source
  871. Chose a cabinet with 18 men and only 1 woman. source
  872. Broke an election promise that Abbott would spend his first week in an Aboriginal community. source source

“I think you'd be best off voting Green.”

- Tony Abbott (election day, 2013) source


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